We create value together.

Every day we work and grow together with our suppliers, trusted partners with whom we share ethical values and sustainability principles.  

We work transparently with our suppliers and ask them to respect our own commitments to responsibility and sustainability throughout the value chain.

Code of ethics, human rights, health and safety, environmental sustainability. These are the key factors we take into account when we seek to consolidate our partnership and strive for a safe and innovative working environment.

In this way we work in synergy, growing together and generating sustainable value for the Group and the region.

Are you already a supplier?

Access the Italgas supplier portal.


Would you like to offer yourself as a supplier?

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Supplier Portal

On the supplier portal you can find the latest news from Italgas Group on Environment, Ethics, Quality, Health and Safety.

Calls for tenders

There are always opportunities to work together. Find out about active calls and tender outcomes.


If you need technical support in using the supplier portal or if you want to get in touch with the Italgas Group Supply Chain offices, visit the Contacts section of the supplier portal.

How we work with suppliers

Strict qualification requirements, sustainability criteria and shared ethical principles. In this way we ensure transparency and trust along our supply chain, by asking our suppliers to respect the Group’s principles and the values in which we believe.


Sustainability and safety for our people

We disseminate and promote a health and safety culture among our employees and suppliers. The principles of sustainability guide our activities with the aim of protecting the working environment, reducing our impacts and generating value in the territories in which we operate.


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