Italgas operates in natural gas distribution market. We are the leading gas distributor in Italy and third in Europe. 

In the gas supply chain, and generally in the energy industry, companies with different roles operate.

Some of the key players for Italgas Group and the energy industry are:


European leader in development and integrated management of natural gas infrastructures.

Terna (Italy)

Primary owner and operator of the National Transmission Network for high voltage electricity.

2i Rete Gas

2i Rete Gas Group, after Italgas, is the second largest operator in the natural gas distribution industry, serving over 2,200 municipalities throughout the country.


An Italian multi-utility company that operates in the sectors of electricity production, sale of electricity and gas, electricity and gas networks, district heating and water cycles.


An Italian multi-utility company that produces electricity and distributes electricity and gas, as well as offering district heating services.


An Italian multi-utility company active in the sectors of waste, gas distribution, energy sales and water cycles.


An Italian multi-utility company that manages and develops networks and services in the sectors of water, gas, electricity and waste.

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