“The Digital Factory
is at the core of our digitization process and is accelerating our digital transformation journey”

The Digital Factory is a factory for ideas and innovative solutions which supports Italgas in its process of digital transformation. It was born on November 2018 to create the perfect environment in which to experiment the ‘‘learn by doing’’, a real permanent laboratory.

In Milan’s offices four digital rooms were created: in each of them works multifunctional teams which have the job of creating new solutions and new working processes in an established period of 16 weeks. After 16 weeks, the rooms release a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), i.e. the minimum solution that meets the needs addressed.
In the Digital Factory, we are currently at least 70 people, among Italgas employees and external consultants/developers. However, our spaces can hold up to 150 people, since we are planning to involve small to medium enterprises, startups and university research institutes able to propose and develop, with our support, applications that will prove to be helpful to Italgas and its customers.

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Starting from March 2019, the Digital Factory has already released innovative “products”:

ShareView: the augmented reality viewers


  • Viewer that allows remote assistance and knowledge-sharing for technician on the field
  • Share the same field of view and remotely guide operations through a direct connection


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WorkOnSite App: the app for technical checks in costruction sites


  • Proprietary app that allows remote monitoring of construction sites
  • Takes advantage of AI capabilities for part of the remote control


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