The issue of safety is closely associated with efficiency: if a gas distribution network is efficient, then it’s also safe. In fact, monitoring, modernisation and digitisation of the network have this dual objective.




A specific activity fundamental to guaranteeing distribution safety is the odourisation of the gas, as required by law. By nature, the gas has no odour or colour, and for this reason it is vital to make its presence perceptible in the event of leaks.

Our odourisation plants are equipped with innovative automatic injection systems that dose the quantity of odouriser based on the volumes of gas distributed. The gas odourisation level is then kept under control through a series of periodic checks at predefined points on the distribution network.

Technological innovation to control the odourisation level

Technological innovation to control the odourisation level

In 2017, we decided to invest in the "Optimisation of the odorising volume injected into the network" project. Experiments were carried out at several reduction plants on an innovative control system for the degree of odourisation depending on the gas supply conditions or the fluodynamics of the network. We also completed a project aimed at testing an injection system in the field to optimise the odourisation process in LPG distribution networks with the aim of guaranteeing the saturation degree of the odorising mixture delivered by the LPG stations, especially at very low flow rates. Keeping the odouriser level constant (m3 of odouriser/m3 of gas) is a safety guarantee for end customers: in fact, it allows accurate gas leak detection without any false alarms deriving from fluctuations in the odouriser level. 

How to handle an emergency

To guarantee service safety and continuity we offer all users a number to call in the event of an emergency, as required by the Italian Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment (ARERA), and to report meter faults.

Our Rapid Response number is 800 900 999, available 24/7 for all the municipalities where our distribution companies operate. The service is free of charge, as is our technical assistance.

Anyone contacting the Emergency service is always put into direct contact with an operator from the Integrated Monitoring Centre, and never re-routed to another number. It is guaranteed that all calls will be answered and the technicians will respond within the standard times imposed by the Authority.  On receiving a report, the operators will provide initial instructions on what to do. At the same time, the relevant emergency unit is called out to inspect and perform technical operations as needed, to safeguard residents, make the systems safe and restore normal service as soon as possible.

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