Every day we strive to make the quality of our services a priority: continuity, safety, accessibility, rapid response to emergencies and overall efficiency of the system are our responsibility towards the areas served and our end customers.
Our day-to-day business activities can be summarised as:
Network monitoring and modernisation
Replacement of traditional gas meters
Gas odourisation
Remote meter reading
Rapid response
Works to meet end customer requirements and the problem of arrears
Scheduled search for leaks
Interruption of the gas supply


We distribute gas, with the end consumer in mind

To facilitate dialogue with end users we have decided to set up an agreement with 14 of the major Consumer Associations recognised by the National Council of Consumers and Users (CNCU). The target we have set ourselves is to prepare a memorandum of understanding to constantly improve the service quality indicators, identifying the most appropriate forms of cooperation and managing any problems in as short a time as possible.


On the basis of this memorandum of understanding we will work together to disseminate a gas culture and to make consumers increasingly aware and informed on the correct use of energy resources, as well as to ensure correct implementation of the plan to replace traditional meters with smart meters, as required by the Authority.


The document calls for half-yearly monitoring of its effects and the suitability of tools made available, with the option of integrating them or developing new ones.


Furthermore, to support and collaborate with end users, in addition to providing a number for emergencies, as required by the Italian Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment (ARERA), and to report meter faults, we have voluntarily opened another toll-free number to offer even greater support to our customers.


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