We consider our human resources to be the highest-value asset of the company because they are the ones with the skills and abilities necessary to best carry out our work and provide a quality service.


Human resource management is closely associated with the strategic guidelines of sustainability and aims to place people at the centre. It is our priority to care for every aspect of the professional and personal growth of our employees, from training to growth and talent enhancement, to protecting health and safety and creating a positive working environment well balanced with private life.


We also promote protecting the right to work, equal opportunities for all employees and a common working culture, focused on active participation in the development processes, orientation towards efficiency, guaranteed service quality, environmental protection and workplace safety.


We have recently entered a new stage of life: after the demerger from Snam in November 2016 we had to face major internal changes so as to build a new organisation, more streamlined, more efficient and standard across all the areas of operation. We have decided to face this change by involving all our people, through widespread communications and dedicated meetings. This will involve the following:


Continuous improvement programme designed to increase effectiveness and efficiency of company activities and processes, and to implement initiatives that can produce tangible returns in terms of economic benefits and the quality of services provided.

The project involved around 130 persons meeting in 40 workshops, with the aim of generating ideas and innovative solutions that will be periodically presented to the Innovation and Continuous Improvement Committee.

Ideas box

In addition, again with the aim of involving and improving our companies, we have created a special section on the corporate intranet for anyone who wishes to bring ideas and innovative projects to the attention of the group.


We believe diversity to be an asset to the company and do not tolerate any form of discrimination based on gender, age, health, nationality, political opinion or religious views. Equal opportunities are a principle that guides us in the entire management process of our personnel.

The female presence in Italgas rose over the last three years to reach 11.7% in 2017. The highest number of women can be found in the “office workers” category, which accounts for 89% of female employees. Female presence among the new recruits accounts for around 30% of the total.

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