The well-being of individuals is strictly associated with reconciling work pace with private life needs.


At Italgas we have developed a welfare programme that aims to offer our people the best possible conditions to be able to work and live well.

We have developed specific initiatives in these areas:

  • the family and childcare (subsidised expense, study grants and listening mechanisms);
  • health and psychological and physical well-being (signing of agreements and the option of regular health check-ups);
  • work-life balance programmes (smart working) and cultural initiatives;
  • sustainable mobility (subsidised travel pass subscriptions);
  • personal financial management and savings (payment of bonuses, signing of agreements, access to microcredit at preferential terms).


To understand the real needs of our employees and therefore offer increasingly targeted services, we decided to actively engage employees at the end of 2017, asking them to assess the current mix of welfare services. An overall positive score emerged from this survey for the current initiatives and at the same time a particular focus on certain specific issues emerged such as health, income support and family care.

Smart working: work-life balance

Smart Working is a work organisation model that allows part of work duties to be performed away from company premises. There are numerous objectives and benefits from this initiative:

  • it improves work methods for employees already seconded to other areas;
  • it encourages digital innovation and the use of information technologies;
  • it is an incentive for a more open and collaborative managerial culture oriented towards delegation and empowerment;
  • it increases job satisfaction;
  • it facilitates reconciliation between professional activities and family needs;
  • home-to-office transfers and travel between different company offices are reduced, offering enormous benefits at environmental level.

In July 2017, we offered employees in the corporate staff departments the opportunity to join Italgas’ smart working programme, with the aim of later extending it to Operations. The launch of this initiative was supported by an internal communications campaign and training on the objectives, methods, equipment and ICT services made available by the company and related health and safety aspects.

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