Every day we safeguard the health and safety of our employees and suppliers: this is a priority commitment in our operations.


Every day we work to build and disseminate among our human resources a culture of sound health and safety and, to this end, we regularly organise training and sensitisation activities. It is through these activities, in fact, that we make our employees aware of the risks associated with carrying out daily operations and the safety precautions to be adopted. For staff exposed to specific risk factors, implementation of the periodic health surveillance plan is also envisaged.


Accident prevention and safeguarding health are guaranteed and are detailed in our Health, Safety and Environment Policy. In line with the Code of Ethics, the policy governs the approach, management methods and prevention and protection commitments for health and safety, whilst operations management is covered by the related management system (OHSAS 18001 certified).


In 2017, the training on health and safety was dedicated in particular to the prevention of risks associated with staff travel.

In addition, various specific sensitisation activities were organised during the year for employees and contractors, such as the “Safety Walk”, a shared moment in which management and operating personnel carried out certain practical tasks meaningful from a technical and health and safety point of view.

With the aim of further sensitising employees on safety in the workplace and in private life, the internal communications campaign known as #Safetyfirst, available through digital channels and in printed format, confirms our commitment to the sensitisation of everyone working with the company.

Lastly, to increasingly strengthen the culture of our employees, alongside the training and sensitisation activities we organise the now consolidated annual incentive initiatives, such as the “Italgas Safety Trophy” and the “Zero Accidents Award”, assigned to groups that have recorded zero accidents in 365 business days.

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