We are present in various regions, promoters of energy development, capable of creating social and cultural value for the community and, in general, for Italy.


Our commitment to the local area is not only reflected in the continuous improvement of our network and services, but also in our contribution to the growth and social and cultural development of the communities we serve, with respect to which we encourage and foster a continuous and direct interaction.

Since our inception, we have built an infrastructure of excellence throughout much of Italy and have been a key player in its methanization process. Today we want to continue to foster the economic and social development of the communities where we work by actively contributing to the development of increasingly sustainable cities through the continuous improvement of our service.



In 2020, the emergency caused by the Coronavirus profoundly marked our country. Over the months, since the beginning of the pandemic, the impact on the territories has become more significant day by day, putting a strain on the stability of the entire country system and seriously affecting the daily life of citizens. Economic activities, the training system and health facilities, even the best equipped and state-of-the-art, have been and still are subjected to great levels of managerial and organizational stress.

Since the emergence of the emergency, we have implemented measures and measures to protect the health and safety of our people while ensuring the continuity of one of the public services deemed essential for the community. Through our 3,985 people, located throughout Italy, we have never ceased to be close to the territories and communities in which we operate by actively contributing in two ways: by doing what we do every day and that is to guarantee the service and security of the network, and trying to proactively support the communities in which we operate by activating solidarity and support initiatives in favor of various hospitals and the Civil Protection. In particular, in 2020, we activated donations to: Luigi Sacco (Milan), Amedeo di Savoia-ASL (Turin), Guglielmo da Saliceto (Piacenza), Azienda Ospedaliera di Padova (Padua), Policlinico San Matteo (Pavia), Spallanzani (Rome) and Cotugno (Naples) hospitals. The sums donated were used for the purchase of machinery, equipment and functional devices (such as devices for the protection of personnel in health facilities, hospital beds and technical equipment) and contributed to the setting up of new areas to meet the resulting needs from the emergency situation and guarantee the hospital service. In support of the action of the Civil Protection, the solidarity campaign "Together for Italy, donate your day to the fight against Coronavirus" was also launched, thanks to which our employees were able to allocate the economic equivalent of approximately 7,000 hours of his work, equal to almost 145 thousand euros. The proceeds were supplemented by an equal amount donated by the Italgas Group and donated to the Civil Protection.

In 2020, donations of € 2,028.9k were made, of which 14% for the "Culture" area and the remaining 86% for the "Health" area.



In addition to what was granted to hospitals and Civil Protection, the 2020 donations were mainly aimed at the artistic and cultural field: in particular at the Fondazione Teatro Regio of Turin and the Consulta for the enhancement of the artistic and cultural heritage of Turin, both of which have always been cultural reference point for the Piedmont area respectively for concerts, opera, ballet the first (Teatro Regio) and for the contribution to the enhancement of the historical-artistic heritage of Turin and consequent opening and possibility of fruition the second (Turin Council). Also in Tuscany, through the Toscana Energia company, the donations were mainly addressed to cultural institutions such as the Pisa Theater Foundation, the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Theater Foundation and the Pistoiese Theater Association.

For some years we have also supported the Giorgio Cini Foundation of Venice, an internationally known cultural institution that has, among its activities, archival research, conservation and enhancement. In 2020 I started a partnership with the Foundation whose specific focus concerns the new Heritage Lab Italgas.

In 2020, we activated various sponsorship initiatives, for an amount of € 1,086.4k, mainly aimed at the artistic and cultural sphere, sport, gas advocacy initiatives, education and awareness raising on the issues of the energy sector and responsible use of resources.

Due to the Covid-19 emergency, support for initiatives in the field of energy education, usually envisaged with the physical involvement of the participants, has slowed down. Within the Group, Toscana Energia managed to complete the first phase of the ninth edition of the "Energia in Rete" educational campaign: the initiative dedicated to high schools, with the aim of offering a contribution to the energy literacy of children through a didactic that starting from an in-depth study on natural gas, touches on various topics such as technology, science, history and geography, and arrives at a final competition "Sustainability in a click!" in which the students should have reproduced a place considered to be an expression of the sustainability of their territory.


  • 4% Energy education
  • 26% Cultural activities
  • 70% Other
  • 4% Donations (€ 26 thousand)
  • 96% Sponsorships (€671 thousand)


Our history represents one of the building blocks in the historic, social and technological development of Italy, and for this reason we are committed to restoring and preserving its memory. The historic archive, the Italgas Museum, the Library and the newspaper archives are places where we gather together the group’s most important documents and findings, a testimony to the work carried out over the years and the evolution of the gas market up to today’s era.

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