We are committed on a daily basis to maintaining and consolidating an effective governance system, aligned with international best practices, used to best manage the business complexities and face the sustainable development challenges.


With the aim of best integrating sustainability into all the group’s areas and to efficiently pursue the objectives, from 2016 our corporate governance also includes a Sustainability Committee.

The committee makes proposals and provides advice to the Board of Directors in terms of strategy, planning and reporting on sustainability issues, and has a duty to support sustainable development along the group’s entire value chain.

In particular, one of its main duties is to examine and assess:

  • the sustainability policies aimed at ensuring the creation of value over time for all stakeholders in the medium/long term with regard to the principles of sustainable development; 
  • the guidelines, objectives, sustainability processes and the non-financial statement are submitted annually to the Board of Directors.


Operating alongside the Sustainability Committee is the Corporate Social Responsibility Unit (CSR), which monitors sustainability processes and interfaces constantly with each company function involved in the different issues.

The CSR Unit coordinates the implementation of the Sustainability Plan and is responsible for monitoring the progress of actions and the annual updates to the Plan.

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