Wellgas, our Welfare plan

We want to take care of our people and offer a positive work environment, to grow and innovate together.

To get the most out of every project, we provide our people with the positive energy they need to feel good.

The initiatives and projects that we make available for our employees, have the purpose of helping our people to improve their quality of life, supporting them in the search for the right balance between private and professional life, so that they can devote themselves to work in a more peaceful way, satisfactory and effective.

Find out what we offer our people.

Wellgas: the Welfare plan of Italgas

With the aim of increasingly improving the quality of life of our people, WellGas, our welfare programme, was created, which covers four main areas.


Support in family management and, in particular, of children and elderly relatives. For examples, we do provide economic support for childcare (2.000 euro / son at year), company nursery, scholarships for students at their first year at college, loan for school expenses (e.g. books, accessories… ), voucher for online lessons and loans up to 5,000 euro with rates close to zero to be repaid in 3 years with deduction from salary for determined familiar circumstances to be approved. We organize also summer camps of 2 weeks for children up to 17 years.

Sustainability and mobility

Opportunities to improve daily travel, such as discounted mobility passes, train and airport parking agreements and virtual vouchers.

Health and prevention

Initiatives and services aimed at improving health: medical prevention, physical activities, mindfulness programs, psychological support, advices from contracted nutritionists. Supplementary Pension. The Fondo Pensione Fondenergia is the supplementary pension fund of the Italgas Group that ensures associated workers maintain their standard of living upon termination of employment, thanks to the creation of supplementary income to the public pension.

Savings and Leisure

Purchase of goods, services and leisure solutions and help in solving daily tasks. All employees have a Group portal through which they can access at benefit from numerous cultural conventions (tickets at concessional rates or free entry to exhibitions, concerts, events, and so on) plus discounts on major and high-end brands, exclusively reserved for Group employees.

The programme is dedicated to all Italgas employees and is also available on the dedicated App.

ItalGym, the first Italgas gyms

With the aim of wanting to create a place dedicated to the well-being of our employees, we have inaugurated and launched the “IGym” gyms in the Milan, Turin and Rome offices. The gyms, accessible to all colleagues for free, are equipped with showers and changing rooms and organized into fitness areas, with the presence of personal trainers always present and ready to help our people keep fit!

A race for the healthiest lifestyle!

In 2021 we launched our Italgas Health Challenge , a fun health challenge among employees of all Group companies. A prize is awarded to those who manage to maintain a healthier lifestyle with physical activity, walking, sleep and meditation!

Flexible Benefit Plan

Employees receiving the production prize may choose to convert a share of their Participation Bonus for access to goods and Welfare services, for themselves or their family members, without paying any tax or contributions. We disbursed an additional Welfare Bonus equal to 18% of the converted portion to all those who chose to convert their bonus into Welfare Credit.

In this way, the benefits are not only for individuals, but also for their families.

Welfare and health emergency

In 2021, in conjunction with the COVID-19 health emergency we activated further specific campaigns such as the confirmation of insurance coverage for colleagues affected by COVID-19 and guaranteed a series of services in support of families, such as free vouchers for tuition, baby-sitting services, personalized social assistance counseling and assistance to elderly family members.

We have decided to support our people in this period of profound change by trying to support them in finding the appropriate balance between private life and working life, activating psychological support paths, promoting active listening channels, together with the promotion of a series of related initiatives to health, prevention, well-being, mindfulness, sport and attention to nutrition, all initiatives – such as the “Health Challenge”, the “Italgas Awards” or the “Solidarity Marathon” that could serve to make us feel closer, even if at a distance. Those intiatives continue today, after the end of the COVID-19 health emergency. 

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