Location and team:
  • Milan
  • The figure will be included in the Digital Factory area and will work in multifunctional teams composed of people with different skills and experience belonging to different company areas (e.g. ICT, Technical, Commercial, Communication, etc.) according to the specific project objectives.
Preferential requirements:
  • Degree in engineering-scientific disciplines
  • Experience of 6-8 years in IT consulting companies
Main duties:
  • Supervise the finalisation of project deliverables within the defined timeframe and through appropriate use of the Agile methodology
  • Work closely with the Business Owner to define the roadmap and plan and assign project priorities
  • Successfully manage team resources (budget, time, people and related skills)
  • Ensure that all deliverables are characterized by an appropriate level of quality (alpha / beta / production release)
  • Lead the team and organization in the use of Scrum and Agile methodology and practices
  • Drive daily stand-ups; backlog refinement and Sprint planning, review and retrospective to ensure the involvement of the entire team
  • Remove impediments (e.g. cultural barriers, logistical problems) so that the team can be focused on delivery
  • Fostering close cooperation between all team members, facilitating communication and collaboration throughout the team and between all stakeholders


Key skills:


  • Ability to work with the Business Owner to ensure the timely completion of the work by the product development team and its proper understanding by stakeholders
  • Competence in tools (board and tracking tools in general) and Agile practices (planning and review, team velocity monitoring), speed of reaction to change
  • Experience and ability to lead the team in overcoming organizational obstacles allowing the timely completion of Sprints
  • Previous developer experience preferred

 Agile Experience

  • Experience in Agile Development, preferably as Scrum Master (or similar)
  • Ability to teach the team the Agile practices and ensure compliance with the main methodologies to ensure effective delivery on schedule

Technical Skills

  • Consolidated experience in the development of complex systems with particular reference to the WEB and Mobile App area
  • Ability to define complex system architectures aimed at the distribution of information via WEB and mobile apps  
  • Excellent knowledge of the architectures of complex SW systems (cloud-based, virtualized and non-virtualized) and their underlying technologies (virtualizers, containers, etc.)
  • Extensive experience in the design and implementation of DWH, Business Intelligence systems and related core technologies (DBMS; BI tools, etc.)
  • Knowledge of Microservices-based architectures

Soft Skill

  • High communication and transfer capabilities of complex messages and new concepts
  • Ability to predict and manage critical situations and team conflict management, high mediation skills
  • Assertiveness - ability to make the best choices for the team
  • High level of energy and passion that can influence colleagues
  • Ability to create trust within the team in working relationships, contributing to the development of a comfortable and effective working environment
  • Analytical and problem solving skills


Apply by sending an email to selezione.personale@italgas.it or through the online form.

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