Location and team:
  • Milan
  • The figure will be included in the Digital Factory area and will work in multifunctional teams composed of people with different skills and experience belonging to different company areas (e.g. ICT, Technical, Commercial, Communication, etc.) according to the specific project objectives.


Preferential requirements:
  • Degree in engineering-scientific disciplines
  • Experience of 4-5 years in IT consultancy companies or research and development areas


Main duties:
  • Manage user-centered design solutions
  • Conduct research activities on users to perform analysis, define "Personas", map user journeys
  • Develop new product concepts, storyboards, interactive design flows and graphic prototypes to clearly articulate design solutions
  • Create effective graphic designs that align with company and brand standards
  • Conducting concept tests and usage tests to validate and improve design solutions interactively
  • Actively collaborate with Agile team members to ensure the feasibility of design solutions and their accurate implementation
  • Define user experience evaluation metrics and report on UX improvements


Key skills:


  • Ability to plan, conduct and synthesize user research and usage tests
  • Ability to create interactive design solutions for web and mobile applications
  • Create coherent and distinctive digital experiences for different platforms, devices and IT channels
  • Previous experience in visual design, creating effective and high quality IT graphic prototypes
  • Familiarity in working with multi-channel and multi-platform design paradigms
  • Experience in planning and conducting user searches at various stages of the design process
  • User research, interaction design, visual design skills

 Agile Experience

  • Experience in the design of consumer applications for web and portable devices
  • Consolidated experience within design teams working in the Agile field

 Technical Skills

  • Using UX tools (e.g. Axure, Omnigraffle, Balsamiq) and presentation tools (e.g. Keynote and Powerpoint)
  • Management of omnichannel projects involving multiple communication and/or conversion touchpoints
  • Excellent knowledge of the UX methodology: heuristic evaluation, stakeholder interviews, user tests, surveys, focus groups, personas, scenarios and customer journey, card sorting, co-design workshops
  • Knowledge of current web technologies and principles such as: responsive design, front-end development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), CMS, Web services, APIs
  • In-depth knowledge of user-centered design principles

Soft Skill

  • High communication skills
  • Ability to produce high quality creative solutions in a challenging and competitive work environment
  • Ability to synthesize abstract ideas into tangible design solutions
  • Ability to solve problems through design
  • Strong sense of responsibility and proactive end-user support
  • Openness to taking on new challenges and learning new skills
  • Collaborative attitude, curiosity, empathy, open-mindedness, innovativeness


 Apply by sending an email to selezione.personale@italgas.it or through the online form.

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