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We know that it may not be easy to manage the users, the procedures for requests and the paperwork to be kept under control.

On this page, we have collected the most frequent situations in which other users have found themselves.

What documentation is needed to activate the gas?

In order to ensure safety when using gas, it is necessary to check the internal system , which must be described by means of appropriate documentation. For the assessment to be successful you must:

  • Entrust the work on the gas system to a qualified installation company.
  • When the work is finished, request activation of the gas supply from the sales company, which will give you the “basic” forms for the documentary check.
  • Instruct the installation company to carry out commissioning and to complete and supplement the documents for which it is responsible (form I40 and its annexes).
  • Send the complete documentation to Italgas, which will carry out the documentary check.

How can I change the date of an appointment already scheduled for a meter change?

If it is the sales company that notified you of the appointment, you can request the change directly from them. Alternatively, you can call our Customer Service Department on freephone number 800 915150. (Active: Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.)

If the appointment has been communicated by Italgas, you can change the date of the appointment independently by accessing the MyItalgas portal from the “Meter Replacement” section.

What information changes after replacing the old meter?

The meter will have a new serial number, an alphanumeric code (e.g. SMGR000123456789) printed on the device installed and on the bill sent to you by the sales company. The code of your Redelivery Point (PDR) remains the same.

I would like to request activation of the meter, how can I proceed?

Access Accertamenti On Line to check that you have sent all the documentation required under Regulation 40/14 or, if necessary, supplement the documentation already sent. If the documentation is complete, you will receive a communication as soon as the result of the verification is positive and you can apply to the Sales Company (gas supplier) for the activation of the gas supply.

Do you have an emergency?

Call 1 2 800 900 999

You smell gas and don’t know where it’s coming from, no gas or irregularities, you notice a gas leak or a pipe is broken or the meter is broken (and not in standby).


Do you have further questions?

Go to online help

We are at your side even if it is not an emergency. Here you can find answers to your questions on various types of quotations, meter requests, or even how to apply for a new connection.

Customer service

Call 1 2 800 915 150

If you have any queries about the new meters (e.g. changing installation appointments or reporting display malfunctions).
Or if you would like to have information on the natural gas distribution service

Do you need support or want to make a complaint?

From the “Support” area of MyItalgas click on the topic you are interested in or use the search function: you will be able to find the information you need!
Always use the MyItalgas portal even if you want to make a complaint.

Good to know! Other frequent situations

How do I upload documents to the MyItalgas portal?

From the “My requests” section of the MyItalgas portal, access your work execution file and upload all the required permits. Only after you have entered all the documents will you be able to click “Send”.

Once uploaded, Italgas will check the correctness of what you have transmitted and will notify you of any necessary additions, again through the “My requests” section.

How do I ask for the meter to be moved or the system to be restored?

If you want to move your meter or restore your system following an interruption due to arrears (column cut-off), you must request a quote by choosing”Modify system” on the MyItalgas portal.

If you have an active supply call your sales company.
If you want to modify the system before activating the gas supply, you can ask us through the “Estimates” section of the MyItalgas portal, or contact the sales company you will choose.

For more information and to find more answers go to our Online Help portal

Where can I find the instruction manual for the counter?

All the manuals of the gas meters installed by Italgas Group are available on the Models and types of meter page. To consult the one you are interested in, look at the brand and model of your meter and click on the corresponding photo.

Is my municipality served by Italgas?

Italgas is present throughout the country and serves over 1800 municipalities in Italy.

To find out whether your municipality is served by an Italgas Group company or by another gas distributor, consult the ARERA website. 

By selecting “Gas Distributors” and indicating your region and municipality, you will be able to view the distributor who manages the gas network in your area.

Beware of fraud

What happens is that some fraudsters pretend to be employees or managers of Italgas S.p.A., even using company data illegally, and contact consumers like you. We would like to point out some information that helps you to distinguish whether it is us or not when for example you receive emails or messages on social networks.

You can report what is happening to you by calling our customer service 800 915 150

Mail accounts

We do not use ‘public’ e-mail accounts (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo and similar).

E-mail address

Our emails always have a domain name ending with

Social networks

We only respond to our customers via the official social channels: Facebook Twitter Linkedin e Instagram.

Gas vocabulary

We know that some technical terms are not always clear to the uninitiated. A small vocabulary can always be useful to clarify certain concepts.

Documentation 40/14

Documentation required when is the documentation assessment mandatory according to ARERA Resolution 40/14

 It is used for the first activation of the gas user, for changes or conversions to the system.

Gas distribution companies

These are companies such as Italgas that are responsible for the distribution and delivery of gas to the consumer guaranteed through a capillary network of medium or low pressure pipes.

Distributors not only manage the networks that bring the gas to its destination, but are also the owners of the meters, responsible for their proper functioning and consumption readings. They also intervene in the event of faults to repair the network.

Sales companies or suppliers

These are the entities that sell the gas to the consumer. Suppliers, or even sellers, send gas bills with consumption invoices.

With the entry into force of the free market for gas (in 2003), consumers can choose who to buy their gas from and thus choose between different sales companies with which to conclude their contract.

Italgas also supplies water

We offer a water supply service in the municipalities of Caserta, Baia e Latina (CE), Casaluce (CE), Galluccio (CE) and Roccaromana (CE). If you would like information, please contact us. Below you will find our references.


For water supply disruptions, water emergencies, water faults and leaks

Call 1 2 800 900 999

Commercial information

If you would like information on water supply , please visit Italgas Acqua website.

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