Are you already an accredited supplier?

Find out how to renew your qualification and grow in line with the rigorous, ethical Italgas Group principles.

What to do if you are already a supplier

If you are already a Group supplier, you just need to make sure you always keep the information on the IT4Buy portal updated, renew your qualification, and comply with the Group’s economic and ethical standards.

Through audits, inspections and performance assessment processes, we guide you in the process of qualification renewal and vendor rating. Our goal is to protect sustainability integrity in the supply chain and encourage your continual growth.

We support you step by step in the process of qualification renewal and vendor management, providing you with all the information and documents you might need.

Qualification renewal

Is your qualification expiry date approaching? Renew it! Update your information and learn how we check your requirements.

Vendor rating

We assign a score to your performance, to stimulate your continual improvement and sustainable growth.

Access IT4Buy, the suppliers’ portal

Control your qualification status through the portal designed for you!

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