Medea S.p.A. is the Italgas Group company that operates in the distribution of gas in Sardinia and is carrying out the methanisation of the island.

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Medea is the Italgas Group company active in gas distribution in Sardinia. It is present in whole or in part in 24 of the 38 basins into which the island is divided, including the capital cities of Cagliari, Sassari, Nuoro and Oristano.

With its 2,600 kilometers of networks and 82 cryogenic storage sites for liquefied natural gas, it is the company that in 2020 will bring methane to the only Italian region where it was not previously present.

It currently supplies around 100 municipalities and more than 51,000 end customers.

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Registered Office

Località Predda Niedda strada s.n.
strada 1 angolo strada 2
07100 – Sassari (SS)


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More information is available on the Medea website.

Corporate bodies

Below you will find the Governance references.

Board of Directors


Gianfranco Amoroso

Ruggero Bimbatti

Guillame Rivron

Fabio Siragusa

Anna Maria Scaglia


Board of Statutory Auditors


Fabrizio Piercarlo Bonelli

Laura Raselli
Standing Auditor

Alessandro Forte
Standing Auditor

Angelica Mola
Alternate Auditor

Giuseppe Cassinis
Alternate Auditor


Independent auditing firm: Deloitte & Touche S.p.A.
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