The Italgas shareholder 2020

The guide gives an overview of Italgas' activities, strategies and performance.

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Italgas response to Covid-19 leverages a long-standing and deep digital transformation
The Group reacted promptly to the new scenario following... Read more
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Italgas shares continue to leverage on a set of solid fundamentals
Italgas equity story remains intact, despite the strong volatility of the stock price... Read more
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First quarter 2020 results prove the resilience of Italgas business model
Negative impacts of the new regulatory framework effective from 1st January 2020... Read more
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Main achievements in 2019
The initiatives implemented allowed Italgas to reach a 79% completion level of the 2019-2025... Read more
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An efficient debt management as leverage for value creation
The long series of financial transactions that Italgas has successfully carried out ... Read more
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Italgas stock maintains its appeal in a volatile context
Despite the correction that has characterized most equity markets ... Read more
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The Italgas shareholder

This guide provides an overview of Italgas' activities, strategies and performance. It also proposes an in-depth analysis of the Company's shares and stock market metrics. It is published annually.
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The Italgas shareholder 2020

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Financial Markets Review

This is a monthly newsletter on the stock markets and its various sectors, with specific focus on the Utility segment and the performance of Italgas and its peers.

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