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A clear vision of the future of the energy system: investments today ensure a key role for Italgas tomorrow.

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Stakeholder Engagement: an increasingly clear commitment to investor dialogue
Since 18 December 2020, the Board of Directors of ... Read more
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Stakeholder Engagement at Italgas
We explore the topic through five questions asked to Ms. Chiara Ganz... Read more
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Solid fundamentals. The average target price of analysts supports additional upside.
During 2020, Italgas shares outperformed the FTSE MIB index by around 4%... Read more
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To be at centre of ESG investments: a great opportunity that Italgas can fully seize
Increasing money inflows into sustainability investments... Read more
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EBITDA grows by 8.3% in a very challenging context
Despite both the pandemic and the new regulation made an impact... Read more
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The Italgas shareholder

This guide provides an overview of Italgas' activities, strategies and performance. It also proposes an in-depth analysis of the Company's shares and stock market metrics. It is published annually.
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The Italgas shareholder 2021

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Financial Markets Review

This is a monthly newsletter on the stock markets and its various sectors, with specific focus on the Utility segment and the performance of Italgas and its peers.

Past Focus

Read past publications focusing on key economic, financial, industrial and sustainability events that featured the corporate quarter.


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