Attention on fraudulent job offers

Italgas tips to identify fraudulent online job offers (Online Recruitment Scam).

Beware of fake online job offers

Recently, the Italian Authorities are noting an increase in attempts at fraud against people in foreign countries (especially the United States) looking for remote job opportunities. Such a scam attempt is commonly identified as “Online Recruitment Scam”.
The scammer contacts the victim via email or through the publication of a false job offer on the web, in order to obtain sensitive personal information and potentially even money.

The scammer pretends to be a representative of an important organization, of which the victim can easily find information and verify its existence, to appear legitimate and immediately credible.

Through the offer of a fake job and after having carried out telephone interviews with the solicited candidates, the scammers ask the victims personal and banking information, and often the payment of sums of money with different motives.

Victims who fail to identify the scam attempt in time and deliver such information without questioning the legitimacy of the requests may run into identity theft, financial loss and even more consequences.

How to identity Online Recruiting scams

Online recruitment scams can be extremely sophisticated, especially when exploiting the intermediation of some well-known social networks (such as LinkedIn).

To be even more credible, scammers can use photos and professional information of actual employees of the organization they pretend to represent.

Below are some tips and recommendations to identify any scam attempts that may use the Italgas brand or the identity of our employees:

  • Italgas has no active recruitment campaign abroad and in particular in the USA
  • We do not use public email accounts
  • Our email addresses end with
  • We never ask for money! Remember that even the operating staff Italgas that operates for the management of the distribution network will never require the payment of anything to end customers

In addition, we recommend some good rules to avoid falling victim to an online scam:

  • Never make online payments for any kind of services associated with a job offer
  • Never provide your banking information except after ascertaining the legitimacy of your employer and when in person
  • Never send copies of your ID card or passport
  • Always check the company’s website, contact information, address, e-mail address, etc.

Italgas is constantly and proactively engaged in identifying the improper and fraudulent uses of its brand. However, some types of fraud can also be carried out by criminals without the use of web/public ads on the Internet. In these cases, more than ever, the ability to identify the risk of fraud on the part of each individual is crucial.

We therefore invite you to always pay close attention and carefully check every information before providing your data.

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