Retail shareholders

Retail shareholders represent a significant share of our capital. This is why we consider it essential to clearly display key information about the group and the stock, make our publications easily accessible and encourage individual shareholders to attend meetings.

About Italgas

We are the leading natural gas distributor in Italy, with a group market share of 35%, and the third largest in Europe (by number of PDRs including subsidiaries). Gas arrives in people’s homes and to companies, to whom it is sold by sales companies operating on our network network. We are present in major Italian cities including Turin, Rome, Naples and Venice. We operate in a regulated sector, which gives us great visibility on revenues and returns.

Italgas has a 180-year history, 3,966 employees and 2021 revenues of EUR 1.37 billion. Our main shareholders are the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, with 26% of the capital, and the Snam group, with 13.5%.

The focus on sustainability issues, in all their aspects, is an integral part of our strategies and actions. We are convinced that gas infrastructures will play a major role in the energy transition towards decarbonisation of the economy and consumption, as future carriers of renewable gases such as hydrogen, biomethane and synthetic methane.

We are committed to active and constructive communication with all our shareholders, to share with our investors the strategic actions and visions underlying the management of our company. Since our return to the stock market on 7 November 2016, we have carried out activities to foster and encourage dialogue, not only with institutional investors but also with retail shareholders, through our website, social channels and the company secretariat corporate secretariat and the investor relations team. In this context, the Board of Directors has adopted a “Policy for the management of dialogue with shareholders in general”.

Italgas Shareholder Guide

We publish an annual guide to provide an overview of our activities, strategies and performance. In “L’azionista di Italgas”, you will also find in-depth information on our stock on the stock exchange, information on how to invest and participate in the shareholders’ meeting.

Policy for managing dialogue with all shareholders

Adopted by our Board of Directors on 18 December 2020, this policy sets out principles and procedures for active and constructive communication between our Group, institutional investors and retail shareholders.

We are listed on the MTA of the Italian Stock Exchange. Italgas S.p.A was created from a demerger of the Snam group in 2016 and made its return to the stock market on 7 November 2016. Since that date and until 30 June 2023, the total shareholder return is 90.1%.

Activities e market scenarios

Consult our publications for further information on our activities and market scenarios.

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Why invest in Italgas

We distinguish ourselves by the strength of our financial structure, our low-risk profile and our strong focus on innovation.


Our 2023-2029 strategic plan is based on four pillars: continued development of the core business, innovation and digital transformation, investment in new opportunities and a solid and efficient financial structure.

Shareholders’ Meeting

The Shareholders’ Meeting is an essential appointment in the life of a listed company. They can participate personally or through a proxy. Shareholders with voting rights are allowed to ask questions, thus interacting with the company’s top management.

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