Retail shareholders represent 9% of our share capital. This is why we consider it fundamental to clearly illustrate the key information about our group and our share, make our publications easily accessible and encourage individual shareholders attendance at our shareholders’ meetings.

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This Guide provides an overview of our Group’s activities, strategies and performance. It also offers in-depth information on the company’s shares and stock exchange metrics.

Published annually.

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Why invest in italgas

Leader in gas distribution in italy and strong from over 180 years of history, italgas is known for the solidity of its financial structure, low risk profile and its constant focus on innovation.

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Strategy and objectives

Our new 2020-26 plan is based on four pillars: the continuous development of our core business, innovation and digital transformation, investments in new business opportunities and a solid and efficient financial structure to ensure an appropriate return to our shareholders.

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Share performance and dividends

Italgas made its return to the stock exchange on 7 November 2016 after 13 years’ absence from the listings.

Share performance

You can follow our share’s daily performance and historical data.


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Investment calculator

You can calculate the value of your investment here.


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Our business model supports an appealing, growing and sustainable dividend policy.


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Shareholders’ meeting

The shareholders’ meeting is a crucial event in the life of a listed company. Attendance at the shareholders’ meeting can be in person or by proxy. Shareholders with voting rights are able to ask questions, interacting with the company’s senior management. 

How to attend the shareholders’ meeting

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Details of the last shareholders’ meeting

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