We are facing a change of pace and a new process of growth and innovation. To do this, we rely on our people

We are the main distributor of natural gas in Italy

Expertise, efficiency, innovation, reliability, safety, proximity to people

These are our fundamental values, which have inspired the work of Italgas' men and women every day for over 180 years.

Growth and development paths

The distinctive technical knowledge and skills of our business are the foundation of our work. The growth of our people is a priority for our group. To accompany the Company's evolution and the growing digitisation of our business, we focus on professional training and career development, based on merits.

Initiatives for employees

We are committed to developing a positive working environment and to simplifying our people's daily lives, also by implementing a welfare policy that offers many services for individuals, families and well-being.

Opportunities for students

Every year, our Group supports a number of initiatives that introduce young people to employment and to help them understand our Company and our business.

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