Growing in Italgas

We believe in talents and invest in their professional development.

People’s growth is the strength of our Group

In order to reconfirm these values and objectives, Italgas continues to invest in developing the skills and abilities of collaborators and promotes participation, dialogue and the creation of a positive work environment.

From the moment a person joins the Group, we are with them and guide them on their professional development ensuring constant training. We have designed personalized induction paths aimed at acquiring specific skills in the technical-specialist field: in line with our goal of generational change, we want to create a solid core of young people who can feel an active part of the company, taking part in the challenges of the energy transition we are facing.

Professional development is supported with growth paths combining training activities and internal mobility experiences, offering the opportunity of a new role, function or territorial area. In this context, the key themes of the growth path are inherent in the corporate culture, linked to ethical values and sustainability principles, and the digital transformation, now intrinsic to the way we work.

Our people are the energy of the Group, investing in their growth is our responsibility.

In 2022 we carried out over 132,300 hours of training, of which over 33,800 on digitization issues, with increasingly challenging objectives in the coming years.

Growing to be a reference point

We are concerned with developing the skills and talents of our people through virtuous initiatives and projects.

Develop skills

We provide tailor-made training and career development paths for our talents. We are living in a crucial moment of evolution, in which digital transformation and generational change stimulate us to envisage development activities in which Digital Transformation plays a leading role.


Training hours in 2022 in Italy and Greece
Have participated in digital learning courses in Italy and Greece
Total training hours
Dedicated to graduates who had recently joined

Digital Transformation

Innovation and digitisation characterise the way we work and are therefore at the heart of our training programmes. We define Digital Transformation as training activities related to new skills, Digital Skill, and the development of attitudes towards digital issues and Digital Mindset. All this happens thanks to our Digital Factory, a real company ‘innovation factory’, which stimulates internal digitisation with new and functional solutions.

His contribution is fundamental to the development of the Group. In 2020, following a survey on digital skills, Italgas launched a major digital reskilling plan to promote the culture of digitisation and allow all its people to gain a greater insight on the trends and main technological innovations in progress in Italgas. n the midst of the health emergency that hit the country in the first months of the year, the Digital Training Path was launched, through the creation of a library of digital pills, the creation of Digital Workshops and specific webinars on internal collaboration tools , in continuity with the technological innovations developed within the Digital Factory to accelerate and develop an attitude towards digital issues.

Digital Transformation programmes cover topics such as:

  • The new technological scenarios and the main applications for gas distribution made up the contents of the training actions for management, middle management on development paths and young graduates.
  • Use of technology platforms for contact centre technicians.
  • Roles and agile methodology, deployment of technological and digital solutions developed in Digital Factory teams, for people involved in innovative digitisation projects.
  • Cyber security.

Valuing talent

Every person in Italgas is endowed with a unique and special talent, which we protect through a Development Programme aimed at the growth of professionalism in the company, which includes:

Required managerial skills

The system of managerial skills, which take into account the initiative, forward-looking vision, connection and leadership of each individual resource;

Fleet management

Performance management, dedicated to evaluating and gathering feedback on someone’s work in order to combine professional and corporate objectives;


The potential of each resource, since only through continuous evaluation and appropriate encouragement can each individual strive for excellence.

Coaching and Mentorship programmes

Dialogue represents the guiding method of our IG Academy, which above all constitutes an ideal place for comparison and exchange, because only through sharing can we grow together.

Dialogue was also at the heart of WeInspire, our mentoring and reverse mentoring process conceived with the dual objective of accompanying newly appointed managers on their growth path and promoting the dissemination of skills between different generations and professional profiles.

Born on the initiative of our Diversity & Inclusion Ambassadors of the “Age & Culture” stream, WeInspire featured 15 pairs of mentors and mentees from all Group companies who, from November 2022 to today, have worked together, mutually sharing advice and suggestions to enhance each one’s uniqueness, building solid relationships capable of fortifying the foundations of today’s and tomorrow’s Italgas.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a process of inspiration and transformation, which takes place within a relationship of support, advice and learning, between a more experienced figure and one eager to grow personally and professionally.

What is Reverse Mentoring?

Reverse Mentoring is a learning process between different generations, in which people with less managerial experience can offer their know-how to “senior” colleagues in a logic of exchange, for example on digital aspects.

Who is the Mentor?

The Mentor helps the mentee to best develop his professionalism in the organizational and cultural context in which he operates.

Who is the Mentee?

The Mentee reflects on his own characteristics and professional skills, to find a way to make the most of them and to make them evolve in harmony with organizational and cultural transformations.

The coaching courses in Italgas are structured with an empowerment-oriented approach, which combines support for increasing effectiveness in real cases with a transversal path of personal and professional development. Their goal is to improve performance combined with the parallel evolution of the individual.

Female Leadership Program

The Female Leadership Program, which began in 2021 and continued in 2022, aims to enhance the leadership skills of Italgas female colleagues, also in consideration of the current gender imbalance and the objective of increasing the presence of women in managerial roles.

The program includes various initiatives with the aim of promoting opportunities for exchange, experimentation and inspiration on the distinctive features of female leadership, also through internal and external networking and discussions with women perceived as role models in their profession.

The program also includes intercompany mentoring and development of strategic skills for the exercise of inclusive leadership.

The female colleagues involved in the initiatives of the course are currently around fifty and the goal is to broaden the perimeter of impact in 2023/2024.

The impact of the process can be quantified, among other things, in the improvement of the individual performance of the participants with respect to the identified objectives and in the significant increase in the growth of female managers in strategic positions, with a direct benefit for the Group and the teams in which they run.

Performance appraisal as an opportunity for professional growth, the example of IGrid

Italgas places great empahsysis on the development of its people and performance management represents one of the fundamental pillars of Italgas’ people development plan, implemented through multiple projects. In 2023, the mapping of potential assessments continues, also with the objective of updating the empowerment, coaching, mentoring and reverse mentoring paths and the succession planning.

One major example of performance evaluation is IGrid Peformance Evaluation, which replaced since 2022 the previous 9Box Mapping – used since 2018 – and it is based on the Italgas Leadership Model and on the Performance expressed during the year. The annual evaluation involves direct line managers and other managers in the broader unit, heads of the functions and HR managers using a 16box mapping of possible crossover groups, considering the performance achieved, also team-based, and the leadership. The multi-dimensional approach and the provision of multiple evaluators involved is designed to take into account multiple feedbacks as for a 360 mapping, starting with a self-assessment phase.

With the IGrid Peformance Evaluation, the Group seeks to identify people to be included in role development activities and those to be valorised through the offer of accelerated development programmes. In 2022, executives, middle managers and employees of all Group companies were evaluated (about 2,400 people).

Moreover, in order to ensure the implementation of the Strategic Plan and the achievement of business objectives, Italgas has defined for Management annual incentive systems with a short- and medium-to-long-term time horizon that takes into account individual, team and corporate performance objectives. Middle managers (“Quadri”) have also an individual annual scorecard of objectives, to which 50% of the corporate premium is linked, in a bid to further strengthen the focus on results and assign increasing importance to merit.

Career progression opportunities: IGrow

One of the Italgas Group’s career paths is IGrow, the Graduate Program dedicated to young talents. The participants, thanks to the shadowing of professionals and dedicated training, are accompanied in a process of personal and professional growth, acquiring the skills necessary to hold a position of responsibility within the Group.

The programme involves job rotation in the Group’s various locations throughout the country and is divided into two streams: Innovation and Excellence. Participants in the Innovation stream are involved in projects focusing on energy transition, digitisation and analytics. The Excellence stream involves participation in projects with a high strategic content in the main functions leading the holding company, aimed at facing the daily challenges of the business.


IGrow participants talk about their first year. Read about their experiences

Giulio Virgillito, IGrow Program

After a brief initial induction, which gave us an all-round understanding of the company, I was in charge of digitising business processes at the Digital Factory.

Here I had the opportunity to play a key role in the digitisation of Italgas and it gave me the chance to get to know people with different backgrounds and create wonderful bonds with them.

Why choose IGrow? Job rotation gives you the chance to travel around the territory and get to know different company functions, which makes you grow professionally.

Would you recommend IGrow? It is not trivial that a company like Italgas gives you the opportunity to play a leading role in the energy transition

Mariavittoria Finotti, IGrow Program

In July, we did a month of induction with the other IGrows: we got to know each other and really struck up a strong friendship.

Then we scattered around Italy and I ended up between Turin and Milan in the Corporate Business Development team, especially in M&A, where I was able to have a real impact on Italgas’ diversification strategy.

Why choose IGrow? I chose IGrow because it is a dynamic and stimulating project. You can talk to a multitude of teams and develop a multitude of transversal skills.

Would you recommend IGrow? I would recommend IGrow because you have the opportunity every day to make an impact in the energy sector in a revolutionary historical period.

And in particular, IGrow is a project where you can grow professionally, you can get to know completely different teams and you can also get to know yourself a bit.

Andrea Arzu, IGrow Program

I would sum up my year in three words.

Team, because I found a group of good and kind people with whom I could dialogue on a daily basis.
Trust, which was given to me from the very first activities and allowed me to grow with a strong sense of responsibility.
Progress, because Italgas is always at the forefront of innovation.

Why choose IGrow? I chose IGrow because it is an ad hoc programme for young people, a dynamic reality that has allowed me to tackle challenging projects on a daily basis.

Would you recommend IGrow? I would recommend IGrow because it is a great opportunity for all young people who want to get involved and be part of a stimulating reality that participates in the challenges of the future.

Italgas Academy: sharing knowledge, shaping leaders.

It is a place for sharing experiences, exchanging knowledge and developing initiatives inspired by the leadership model based on Excellence, Innovation and People.

Do you want to work with us?

There are open positions for each of the companies in our group. Do you recognise yourself in one of the profiles we are looking for?

Do you share our principles?

Digitisation and innovation, safety and environmental protection, inclusion and diversity. These are the main principles that guide our work.

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