Growing in Italgas

We believe in talents and invest in their professional development.

People’s growth is the strength of our Group

In order to reconfirm these values and objectives, Italgas continues to invest in developing the skills and abilities of collaborators and promotes participation, dialogue and the creation of a positive work environment.

From the moment a person joins the Group, we are with them and guide them on their professional development ensuring constant training. We have designed personalized induction paths aimed at acquiring specific skills in the technical-specialist field: in line with our goal of generational change, we want to create a solid core of young people who can feel an active part of the company, taking part in the challenges of the energy transition we are facing.

Professional development is supported with growth paths combining training activities and internal mobility experiences, offering the opportunity of a new role, function or territorial area. In this context, the key themes of the growth path are inherent in the corporate culture, linked to ethical values and sustainability principles, and the digital transformation, now intrinsic to the way we work.

Our people are the energy of the Group, investing in their growth is our responsibility.
In 2020 we carried out over 75,000 hours of training, of which over 20,000 on digitization issues, with increasingly challenging objectives in the coming years.
Some of the main training programs are dedicated to the group’s new hires and are enriched with testimonials from Management and company cases.

Growing to be a reference point

We are concerned with developing the skills and talents of our people through virtuous initiatives and projects.

Develop skills

We provide tailor-made training and career development paths for our talents. We are living in a crucial moment of evolution, in which digital transformation and generational change stimulate us to envisage development activities in which Digital Transformation plays a leading role.


Training hours in 2020.
Have participated in digital learning courses.
Total training hours
Dedicated to the Young Graduates Programme

Digital Transformation

Innovation and digitisation characterise the way we work and are therefore at the heart of our training programmes. We define Digital Transformation as training activities related to new skills, Digital Skill, and the development of attitudes towards digital issues and Digital Mindset. All this happens thanks to our Digital Factory, a real company ‘innovation factory’, which stimulates internal digitisation with new and functional solutions.

His contribution is fundamental to the development of the Group. In 2020, following a survey on digital skills, Italgas launched a major digital reskilling plan to promote the culture of digitisation and allow all its people to gain a greater insight on the trends and main technological innovations in progress in Italgas. n the midst of the health emergency that hit the country in the first months of the year, the Digital Training Path was launched, through the creation of a library of digital pills, the creation of Digital Workshops and specific webinars on internal collaboration tools , in continuity with the technological innovations developed within the Digital Factory  to accelerate and develop an attitude towards digital issues.

Digital Transformation programmes cover topics such as:

  • The new technological scenarios and the main applications for gas distribution made up the contents of the training actions for management, middle management on development paths and young graduates.
  • Use of technology platforms for contact centre technicians.
  • Roles and agile methodology, deployment of technological and digital solutions developed in Digital Factory teams, for people involved in innovative digitisation projects.
  • Cyber security.

Valuing talent

Every person in Italgas is endowed with a unique and special talent, which we protect through a Development Programme aimed at the growth of professionalism in the company, which includes:

Required managerial skills

The system of managerial skills, which take into account the initiative, forward-looking vision, connection and leadership of each individual resource;

Fleet management

Performance management, dedicated to evaluating and gathering feedback on someone’s work in order to combine professional and corporate objectives;


The potential of each resource, since only through continuous evaluation and appropriate encouragement can each individual strive for excellence.

The Italgas School, our training and development programme

The Italgas School has reached its second edition with the involvement of 60 participants. The path consists of a moment of balance of skills, carried out through development center sessions, following which a self-development plan is co-constructed, with Line Manager and Human Resources, activities for the development of potential and managerial skills through the self empowerment methodology.


The 3rd edition is expected to be launched in 2021.

Italgas Leadership Way, the programme dedicated to middle management

In the area of digitisation, in 2020 was concluded “Italgas Leadership Way”the two-year programme for our middle management. The programme is divided into four modules:

  • two in-depth modules on business content held in collaboration with SDA Bocconi School of Management;
  • two modules on potential assessment and capacity building using the empowerment methodology.

The programme involved agroup of 36 colleagues from different business areas areasfor a total of 486 hours, with the organisation of two modules realised in collaboration in collaboration with SDA Bocconi: “Mastering Digital Evolution” and “Corporate Entrepreneurship”.

Performance appraisal as an opportunity for professional growth

In Italgas’ people development plan, performance management is one of the fundamental pillars, which is implemented through multiple projects. The following continued in 2020: the mapping of the managerial potential of newly appointed managers, also for the purposes of the updating of Succession Planning and individual Coaching courses for executives and middle managers who have acquired more responsibilities over the year.


The 9box process was launched in 2018 and is now in its third year; it is an important moment of growth of the managerial culture and assessment of resources. For all the executives, middle managers and young graduates, internal mapping was revised in 2019 with regard to potential and performance according to the 9Box method, which involved all area directors and unit heads. Mapping in the different clusters made it possible to identify who to include in role development activities and who to enhance through fast-track development programmes. The last edition involved the entire population of development pathways, totalling about 700 people. This year, with the inclusion of all employees, the perimeter of the estimated population will extend to approximately 2,550 people.

Do you want to work with us?

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Do you share our principles?

Digitisation and innovation, safety and environmental protection, inclusion and diversity. These are the main principles that guide our work.

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