Metano Sant’Angelo Lodigiano

We take care of continuously and safely bringing gas to the homes of 5 municipalities served in the province of Lodi and Pavia.

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We operate in 4 municipalities in the province of Lodi (Sant’Angelo Lodigiano, Villanova del Sillaro in the village of Bargano, Castiraga Vidardo, Marudo) and 1 municipality in the province of Pavia (Villanterio). Each year we distribute approx. 16 million cubic metres of gas through 110 kilometres of pipes and we manage approx. 9,800 active installed metres.

We have been operating since 1952 in the natural gas distribution sector in urban areas and we have two important shareholders with stakes of 50% each: the Municipal Authority and Italgas.

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Registered Office

Metano Sant’Angelo Lodigiano S.p.A.
via Morzenti, 22/A – 26866 Sant’Angelo Lodigiano (LO)

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More information is available on the Metano Sant’Angelo Lodigiano website.

Corporate bodies

Below you will find the Governance references.

Board of Directors


Ezio Rana

Guido Mirone
Deputy Chairman

Carlo Astorri

Daniele Fontanelli

Vittorio Moiraghi

Valeria Quaranta

Board of Statutory Auditors


Alfredo Bassi

Mario Beccaria
Standing Auditor

Stefania Mancino
Standing Auditor

Paolo Corsi
Standing Auditor

Roberto Lonzar
Standing Auditor



Independent auditing firm: Deloitte & Touche S.p.A.
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