Accelerating digital transformation

We speed up the digital transformation through the Digital Factory.

Innovation is in Italgas’ DNA. We want to continue moving towards new horizons to improve the energy system, playing a leading role in an international scenario of innovation, energy transition and digitisation.

The Digital Factory is the driving force of our digital transformation, where we design and implement cutting-edge proprietary technologies that, in recent years, have helped to digitise our processes and improve operations, network management and service quality.

We launched the Digital Factory in late 2018 and continued to work even during the lockdown. Inside it, multifunctional teams, gathered in physical and virtual rooms, work in Agile mode on the digitisation of business processes, resulting in several innovations that have improved the customer experience and the work of employees and technicians, both in the field and remotely. It is a factory of innovative ideas and solutions with a very clear mission: accelerate Italgas’ path to becoming a border operator.

Involved in the last 4 years.
Digital Rooms
With cross-functional teams and multiple MVPs released in 4 months.
Digital projects developed and operational.

Fully digitized multiple on field interventions and controls.

Entirely digitized the end-to-end new activation process for eligible cases: from quotation to installation.

Positive environmental impact with CO2 savings from digital solutions deployed.

In this laboratory:

  • Innovative technologies are applied.
  • New skills are developed.
  • The approach is focused on agility and design thinking.
  • Digital solutions are devised to optimise internal services and processes.

The Digital Factory was established to create the right environment in which to test a new approach to working that facilitates innovation. A real physical space, which became digital during the COVID-19 emergency, where people are the protagonists and interact in a transversal way, working in multifunctional teams.

In the last two years, the Digital Factory has evolved, expanding its workplaces and introducing new digital techniques and IT solutions to improve the operations of the entire Group.

Find out how we work inside our ideas factory.

Who are the protagonists of the Digital Factory


Each “digital room” is made up of multi-disciplinary working groups, where different experiences, backgrounds, skills and roles intertwine with the aim of empowering each person.
The teams, divided into “digital” rooms, tackle a priority business opportunity or problem each time, releasing an effective project every four months.


How we apply the Agile approach


Our approach to work is based on Agile and Design Thinking methodologies to achieve results that have an impact in the shortest possible time, breaking down the boundaries of the internal functions and hierarchies.
This approach focuses on the user’s needs and expectations: people are constantly involved throughout the life of the project and are part of cross-departmental working groups to speed up the decision-making process.

The Design Thinking methodology allows the team to understand the real needs of all stakeholders involved and to co-design the solution that best meets them.

Once the design is complete, Agile development reduces the time it takes to release the first solution, allowing users to start using the product much earlier and to gather crucial input for the finalisation of the solution.

On the basis of these methods, the teams are able to conceive, develop and launch new solutions in about four months of work.

The Digital Factory is always working to simplify the activities of our people and to provide our end customers with an excellent and secure service. Learn more about our key projects and the stories of how they developed.

App to digitise and simplify the checks carried out at the construction sites.

WorkOnSite is an app for tablets and desktop computers to digitise and simplify the checks carried out at the construction sites, making compliance checks faster and more efficient.

Shareview. Augmented reality visor providing remote support to operators in the field.

The Shareview device is equipped with advanced technologies that enable technicians to carry out their tasks with remote support from technical staff, sharing their field of vision and receiving instructions in real time.

Remote support by a technical operator

  • Video link between the operator in the field, wearing an augmented reality visor, and an expert from headquarters.
  • The device’s camera allows the operator’s field of view to be shared, offering the possibility of receiving instructions in real time.

Guided activity with voice assistant

  • Voice-controlled interface to facilitate activities.
  • An interactive step-by-step guide to support complex projects.

Practical and direct training

  • Field training courses with remote staff.
  • Training sessions at the operators’ premises.

The Digital Factory and our proactive response to the COVID-19 emergency

A well-structured action plan, which leveraged our high level of innovation and digitisation, enabled us to react quickly to the new context created by the spread of COVID-19 in Italy and to guarantee an excellent and safe service while safeguarding people’s health.

In particular, thanks to the experience of the Digital Factory, a COVID-19 Emergency Agile Team was set up, enabling us to design, develop and launch solutions to ensure business continuity, while introducing innovations to facilitate operations throughout the group.

Priority actions, with additional safety measures.
Reduction of emergency calls related to an increase in detection technology and communication with customers.
Critical interventions completed thanks to personalised communication with customers.

Thanks to the innovations introduced by the Digital Factory, it was possible to ensure business continuity and the resilience of the Group from the early stages of the health emergency.

New ways of implementing actions with a single worker in the field.

Support to suppliers (e.g. Centralised supply of PPE, financing, risk assessment review).

Adoption of additional digital tools to facilitate operational activities in the field.

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