Established on 1 June 2016, Italgas operations stem from a partial and proportional demerger from Snam and the company was listed on Borsa Italiana’s FTSE MIB index from 7 November 2016.



As a group, today we primarily operate in gas distribution and metering, only residually in water distribution and sales, and only for a very short time in the energy efficiency sector following the acquisition of Seaside. Owing to the irrelevance of the water business area and the recent entry into energy efficiency, as of today a single operations sector pursuant to IFRS 8 has been identified: gas distribution and metering.

The financial figures presented here reflect these key business areas.

Key financial figures


 (€ million) 2017 2018
 Total revenues (*) 1,124.2 1,176.2
 EBITDA (**) 776.2 839.5
 Adjusted EBITDA (**) 781.2 842
 EBIT (**) 417.9 435.5
 Adjusted EBIT (**) 422.9 456
 Net profit 292.8 313.7
 Adjusted net profit (**) 296.4 315.5

(*) Revenue from the construction and upgrading of distribution infrastructure entered in accordance with IFRIC 12 and recognised in an amount equal to the costs incurred (€315.5 million and €479.7 million respectively in 2016 and 2017) is shown as a direct reduction of the respective cost items.

(**) The reported and adjusted versions of EBITDA and EBIT, and the adjusted net profit, are not measures allowed by IFRS. For their calculation, reference should be made to the chapter “NON-GAAP Measures” in this report.



  (€ million) 31.12.2017 31.12.2018
Net invested capital as at 31 December 4,905.9 5,193.5
Shareholders’ equity 1,185.6 1,329.3
Net financial debt 3,720.3 3,814.3
Financial debts for leasing ex IFRS 16   49.9


The figures from before 2017 can be found in the listing prospectus.

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