Thanks to us, gas reaches your home without you noticing that. In doing this, we have been accompanying the economic and social development of Italy and promoting sustainable growth for over 180 years.

We are the leading gas distributor in Italy and third in Europe, responsible for delivering gas to homes and companies throughout Italy so that our everyday lives can enjoy the comforts that gas offers (staying warm in the winter, using hot water for showers, cooking) and that in our working lives we can help ensure factories’ production continuity.

We distribute gas, every day. Underground, kilometres of pipelines intersect to bring gas to where we live and work. And it is because of this safe and technologically advanced network that we can guarantee a safe, continuous service to everyone.

This is why, every day we work alongside everyone that uses gas: we check that our city networks are safe and leak-free, we ensure a response within one hour to emergency cases, we are committed to improving the network and innovating the infrastructures and services, we guarantee service continuity and ensure that the system remains affordable.

We are present in Italy’s major cities such as Turin, Rome, Naples and Venice and, including our affiliates companies, we have a 34% share of the Italian domestic gas distribution market and we have the objective to increase Group's market share up to 40%. In fact, we are acquiring new entities, on the one hand to consolidate our presence in specific areas and, on the other, to invest in areas that do not yet benefit from the use of natural gas.

In order to grow and remain the market leader over the next few years, we have defined an important investment plan that provides for interventions aimed at the maintenance, renovation and development and digitisation of our network and processes. Added to this is the "smart metering" project, as a result of which we will be able to outperform the obligations imposed by the Authority for the Mass Market segment in 2018, and we will complete the replacement of 100% of meters in this segment by the end of 2020.

Providing all Italian households with smart meters, well in advance of deadlines, equates to end customers benefiting early from this technology, allowing the development of additional business opportunities arising from the stronger frequency of data about Italian household consumption.

In Italy, the Italian Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment (ARERA) determines the methods for access to the infrastructures, provision of the service and the definition of related tariffs to remunerate the activities carried out. To help define a clear, transparent and stable regulatory framework and to encourage sustainable development of the gas system, we at Italgas are committed to continuous and constructive dialogue with the Regulatory Authority. The regulatory structure of the gas distribution market in Italy offers us predictable revenues and therefore allows us to organise our development plans in a well-defined context.

However, we do not sell gas.

As defined in the Letta Decree (164/2000), according to which the import, transport and dispatching, distribution and sale of natural gas must all be independent activities, whoever distributes gas cannot sell it. So, we take possession of the gas once it has reached the “city gates”, add its characteristic odour, and carry it as far as the meter, which measures consumption in our kitchens and central heating boilers. Then we forward this information to the natural gas sales companies.

Once it has reached the meter, it is then up to the sales companies to market the gas and ensure that consumption is billed and paid for.

We don’t operate as gas vendors, but we focus on distributing gas to houses and companies in a continuous and safe way.
In doing this, we consider sustainability as a fundamental principle for creating value.
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Italgas operates across all the national territory and has committed to develop a network in the areas that do not have methane gas, intervening especially in the southern part of Italy, such as Sicilia, Campania and Calabria.
In addition to this, during the period of our Strategic Plan 2019-2025 we will invest 500 million euros to build the most technologically advanced natural gas distribution network in Sardinia ("methanization").

Employees by geographical area

Our territorial presence is organized in 14 techical unit located across Italy: an opportunity for the professional growth of our human resources, also with the aim of creating centres of expertise for specialist and business support activities.
Through the territorial technical units, we serve over 1,800 Italian municipalities.

List of the municipalities served - May 2019

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Expertise, efficiency, innovation, reliability, security and proximity to the people are our values. Investments, service quality and digitisation are the main drivers of our strategy designed to achieve ambitious objectives and create value

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