Thanks to the skills of our people, we guarantee a quality service that is increasingly efficient and sustainable, and we pursue the company's strategies. The managerial development program, launched in 2018 to support the evolution of the managerial culture, the digital transformation and the significant generational turnover underway, continued throughout 2020.



The dissemination of the new managerial skills model and its implementation, performance management through the culture of continuous feedback, the development of people's potential through an evaluation and empowerment program and the resulting development and career plans are the pillars of our development plan.

Training at Italgas is aimed at ensuring the growth of the skills required by business strategies. All employees, regardless of their position and their contractual form, and new resources are assigned dedicated training activities.

In 2020, training accelerated and multiplied the opportunities for initiatives that can be used through "remote" methods. Courses and training initiatives - initially planned in person - were carried out in remote virtual classrooms, also thanks to the advanced technologies of Italgas which made it possible to guarantee the continuity of training activities. The technical-specialist know-how, characteristic of technicians and workers, is transferred and enhanced through the development of specific skills in plant and network maintenance activities. The specific training courses for the various professional figures during 2020 were appropriately redesigned in "digital learning" mode.

A community of 65 Digital Ambassadors was also set up - present in all areas of the headquarters and on the territory - who contributed to supporting the transfer of digital knowledge in Italgas with the willingness to get involved as internal teachers, participating with commitment and proactiveness of the proposed training initiatives.

On MyLearning, a multimedia platform dedicated to training created in 2019, various training interventions have been launched on the issues of Compliance (Legislative Decree 231 and digital podcasts) and Cyber ​​Security.

In the course of 2020, a total of over 75,000 hours of training were provided and each employee received on average about 19 hours of training.

The main training programs developed in 2020 were the following:

• Insertion of new hires, made in a completely digital format and dedicated to young graduates included in the Group, with specific interventions on the history, culture and skills, values ​​and identity elements of Italgas;

• Young Graduates Program, for an in-depth study of the economic-strategic logic of the regulated markets in Italgas.

• Middle management program under development, two-year training and managerial development program “Italgas Leadership Way”.

• Female leadership, to reaffirm our commitment to gender equality and our attention to diversity issues, in collaboration with Valore D.

• Training for the Integrated Supervision Center, created for the operators of the Integrated Supervision Center with the aim of increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the service provided by the Emergency Response Center.

• Training course on Picarro, in support of the Scheduled Research of Dispersions.

• Training course for checking and affixing road signs, with a view to constant attention to safety issues.

Even HSEQ training - traditionally carried out through classroom teaching, as well as in the field - has been largely redesigned in digital mode, while maintaining the same standards of effectiveness and in compliance with the regulatory requirements required to enable particular activities.

In 2020, training for workers on safety in the workplace continued with relative periodic updates, as per the State / Regions Agreement, also through the creation of courses in eLearning format.

With the integration of Toscana Energia, some of the training initiatives of the Italgas Group have been progressively extended, such as the Digital training course (digital "pills" in eLearning format, webinars on collaboration tools and Digital Workshops) and ad hoc training initiatives have been created for in-depth analysis of our technical systems. In December 2020, the MyLearning training platform was also made available for Toscana Energia and Toscana Energia Green, giving employees the opportunity to use all the digital training contents already enabled for the other companies of the Group.

In 2020

Digital Transformation

The digital reskilling plan launched in 2020 to promote the culture of digitization, provided for a Digital Training Path in continuity with the technological innovations developed within the Digital Factory to accelerate and develop a digital mindset.

The path is structured as follows:

• Library of 17 digital pills made available on MyLearning for the entire company population in March 2020 and concerning the main themes of digitization divided into three main strands: basic, advanced and transversal, in order to offer a clear vision of technologies and approaches digital;

• 50 Digital Workshops held from July until December 2020 which saw the active participation of over 1,200 employees who had the opportunity to discuss together and deepen the aspects related to digital transformation and how Italgas is combining them with the technological innovations developed in Digital Factory. A distinctive element of the workshops was the constant presence of the teaching by our Digital Ambassadors.

• 6 webinars created in collaboration with the ICT function to encourage the dissemination of digital initiatives through corporate collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams and Onedrive, which saw the participation of 1,600 people.

The innovation process that we have carried out in recent years has involved a constant search for new profiles in the Stem field (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) both in the management and development of the gas network and in other business areas, such as the Digital Factory.

In order to support the digital transformation underway, the “Innovative Spirits” program (over 220 participations) was also created, a path to develop innovation and change management skills by the ICT function and the Technological Innovation function.


In the field of young people, we have expanded the training course dedicated to recent graduates who have joined the Group, with specific interventions on history, culture and skills, strategic and business lines and more technical aspects with field visits to deepen their knowledge of construction sites and plants.

These moments have been an opportunity for internal teachers in company management and new hires to share their experiences of working at Italgas.

For us, training is linked to digitization and in this sense, in 2019 the two-year program for "potential" middle management called Italgas Leadership Way continued. The program is divided into two annual business modules carried out with Sda Bocconi and two modules of potential evaluation and development with empowerment methodology (37 participants in the first edition). Of particular importance for Italgas was the in-depth study of the concepts of Corporate Sustainability and the notes on the circular economy. 


In 2019, MyLearning, the cloud-based multimedia platform dedicated to training, was also implemented. Each employee has visibility of his or her own training and can access the training activities available online. The first training modules on Compliance (GDPR) and technological issues (Smart Meter and Alarm Test) were launched with the collaboration of the Company's experts, also following the results of the work produced by the Digital Factory to promote Knowledge Transfer and professional updating. 


Following the transversal training course, we have also paid the right attention to the theme of female leadership: since January 2018 we have become a supporting member of Valore D, the association of companies whose aim is to encourage and enhance the development of female talent and an inclusive business culture in member companies. 25 colleagues participated in inter-company training programmes and workshops aimed at developing inclusive leadership skills.


The Italgas Training Campus in Turin, inaugurated in 2017, is home to many of the group's training activities.



The development and updating of the professionalism of the resources is as important as the first training. During 2019, we organized several routes that rotate on three axes:

  • The system of managerial skills, which take into account the initiative, future orientation, connection and leadership of each individual resource;
  •  Performance management, intended as a moment dedicated to evaluating and gathering feedback on one's work, in order to combine professional and corporate objectives;
  • The potential of each resource, because only through continuous evaluation and appropriate stimuli can each person strive for excellence.

For all managers, executives and young graduates, a review of the internal mapping of potential and performance according to the 9Box methodology was carried out in 2019, involving all area managers and unit heads.

The mapping in the different clusters made it possible to identify the people to be included in role development activities and the people to be enhanced through accelerated development programmes.

During 2019, the following continued: the mapping of the managerial potential of the most recently recruited managers, also for the purpose of updating Succession Planning and the individual Coaching paths for managers and middle managers who acquired roles of greater responsibility during the year.

A novelty is represented by the program dedicated to the chief collaborator feedback tool which, starting from 2019, has been extended to managers and resource managers: it has been developed through 19 workshops in small groups of one day each and training sessions dedicated to the sharing and development of the Italgas Managerial Skills Model.

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