Thanks to the skills of our people, we provide a quality service that is increasingly efficient and sustainable, and by doing so we implement the company's strategies. In particular, in 2018, we launched training programmes to support digitalization and digital transformation projects.



We developed our 2018 training calendar, which involved all our internal resources, to enhance technical-specialist know-how, project initiatives and, above all, Digital Transformation programmes.

In 2018

Digital Transformation

In 2018 the launch of training to support the Digital Transformation programmes was particularly significant. It included several different types of involvement and training.

The new technological scenarios and the main applications on gas distribution were, in fact, the content of the training initiatives for our managers, our middle managers within development courses and for young graduates.

On the other hand, the technical training dedicated to technological platforms was aimed at the contact centre employees.

In addition, the inter-company path in the US Silicon Valley focused on Innovation and Digital Transformation and was addressed to a group of managers and experts.

In 2018, jointly with the MIP Politecnico of Milan, we redesigned the in-depth module on the economic-strategic logics of regulated markets within Italgas, enriching the course with testimonials and business cases and going into greater depth on the economic aspects of the main Performance Indicators of interest to the business of Italgas.

Also concerning young people, we expanded the training course designed for graduates who have recently joined the Group, adding specific sections on history, culture and skills, strategic and business guidelines and more technical aspects, and included field visits to further their knowledge of construction sites and plants.

These sessions were an opportunity for teachers within the company's management to share their thoughts with new hires through direct accounts of their work experience at Italgas.

For us, training is linked to digitalization and, in this sense, 2018 was also an important year for the Programme for Development of Middle Managers, an advanced training module on the economic-strategic logic of Italgas, developed jointly with SDA Bocconi. The course included not only theoretical training but also inter-functional group work and an in-depth study of the new economic scenarios and the impact of digitalization in the economic and financial area of the main organizations.

Following the transversal training course, we also devoted a suitable amount of attention to the topic of women's leadership. In January 2018, we became a supporting member of Valore D, an association of companies that aims to encourage and enhance the development of female talent and of an inclusive business culture within its member companies. A total of 25 male and female colleagues participated in inter-company training programmes and workshops aimed at developing inclusive leadership skills.


In 2017, the new Italgas Training Campus was set up in Turin, a structure equipped to handle different internal training initiatives, workshops and projects.



The development and updating of the professionalism of our resources are as important as their initial training. During 2018, we organized several training courses that revolve around three main pillars:

  • The system of managerial skills, which takes in into account initiative, orientation towards the future, connection and leadership capabilities of each individual resource;
  • The performance management, meaning a time dedicated to evaluating and collecting feedback on one's work in order to reconcile professional and company objectives;
  • The potential of every resource, because continuous assessment and the provision of adequate incentives are requirements for individuals to strive for excellence.

We developed a map that crosses the potential and the performance of resources for all our executives, middle managers and young graduates so as to include them in role development activities and accelerated development programmes.

One of our new initiatives is a programme dedicated to a head-to-collaborator feedback tool, which starting in 2019 will also be extended to executives and middle managers responsible for resources. The formula we will adopt will include experience laboratories and training courses dedicated to sharing and developing the Italgas Management Skills Model.

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