Opportunities for students

We look for talent in every part of the country and provide the tools to develop skills and knowledge in a challenging and dynamic environment.

We offer numerous opportunities for young people entering the world of work from university and every year we promote a series of initiatives to introduce students to our activities and businesses.

Our objective is giving students and recent graduates the opportunity to develop their potential in a stimulating, constantly evolving reality.

In order to meet the managers of tomorrow, we organise testimonials and debates at prestigious universities, including the Milan Polytechnic, the Turin Polytechnic, the Bicocca University in Milan, the LUISS University in Rome, the Catholic University in Milan and the Luigi Bocconi University in Milan. One of the new collaborations recently launched is with the University of Cagliari.

Career days and open days

Every year we participate in Career Days organized by the most important Italian universities.

We also organize the It@lgas Talent Day, a totally online event dedicated to recent graduates, with business games, company presentations and interviews aimed at inserting new Talents on internships in different company areas.

Collaborations with universities

We have always been close to the world of universities and research. Our consolidated collaboration with the academic world allows us to acquire best practices, develop training courses that meet our specific needs and benefit from personalized opportunities and services for recruiting, training, database analysis and research. Our goal is to give students and recent graduates the opportunity to develop their potential in a constantly evolving reality.

To meet the managers of tomorrow we carry out testimonials and moments of confrontation at prestigious universities, including the Polytechnic of Milan, the Polytechnic of Turin, the Bicocca University of Milan, Statale University of Milan, the LUISS of Rome, the Catholic University of Milan, Luigi University Bocconi University of Milan, the Ca ‘Foscari University of Venice, the University of Pavia, the LUIC Cattaneo University. Among the new collaborations recently started is that with the University of Cagliari and Sassari.

We are members of MIP for management training activities and we sponsor the Master in Energy Management in collaboration with BIP.

We have also joined the Generation Italy Foundation and we support the “Generatio4Universities” project aimed at facilitating the enhancement of the skills of young people about to finish their university and high-potential studies.

Are you looking for an internship opportunity?

The internship includes moments of technical in-depth study with the support of a company tutor to support the student in training-professional activities throughout the period.

Requirements for a curricular internship

  • We activate curricular internships and extracurricular internships
  • Promoting institute: a university or a training institution authorized to activate internships
  • Beneficiary: university, master’s or university doctorate student, recent graduate who meets the following requirements:
    1. Excellent school average
    2. Good knowledge of the English language
    3. Curiosity and interest in Energy Management and Digital Innovation issues
  • Duration: 6 months.
  • The training project will take into consideration the academic background of the internship and will focus on activities in line with the relevant company management.

Have you already graduated? 

Discover all the internship opportunities and open positions.

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