How to activate the gas

In order to use gas in your home and exploit its many uses, you need to be connected to the network.

Bringing gas to your home

Connecting your home system to our grid is easy. It is a process involving several actors, each responsible for a small piece of the process.

If you do not have a meter or gas yet, you must first request a new installation quote for the grid connection.
You can choose two different methods of doing this:

  • Ask us directly by registering on the MyItalgas portal,
  • Contact the sales company you choose as your supplier and follow their instructions. Once the new installation has been carried out, you can request activation of the gas supply.

If your house is already connected to our network, you can immediately request activation from a sales company of your choice.

The actors in the gas connection process


As an end consumer you are also at the beginning of the process. The initial request starts with you. All steps are explained in the infographic below. 

The sales company

Choose your gas supplier to whom you can turn for all the connection procedures. He will talk to us directly about all the steps involved.


He is the professional who takes care of the installation of your system so that it is compliant, safe and legally compliant.

The distribution company

We will connect your system to our network on the day of the appointment. The sales company will take care of contacting us, you don’t have to do anything.

How to request gas?

Connecting your home system to our network is easy, follow the steps in the connection procedure below to connect and activate your meter.

Please note: what is meant by connection and what by activation?



This is the operation of connecting one’s home to the gas distribution network. The supply point is created, identified by a unique and invariable PDR code.


It is the following procedure, which is necessary for activating gas, to conclude a supply contract with a sales company at one’s home.

After the connection, we speak of first activation of the supply. First activation also includes the installation of the meter at the new supply point.

If your house is already connected to our network (you already know your PdR) or you already have a meter, you can immediately request activation from a sales company of your choice.

Follow the steps of the connection procedure below. We will always be by your side to make sure everything goes as smooth as possible.

First step: Apply for connection



1. Request and accept the New Plant Quote

To connect to our network, request a new installation quote which, thanks to ClickToGas Selfy, will be even quicker by opting for a digital inspection.

You can request the quote by contacting

Directly to us, by registering on the MyItalgas portal.
to the sales company you choose as your supplier and follow its instructions.

We will carry out an inspection and you will receive the quote. Accept it to proceed with your request.



2. Carry out the work at your own expense and submit the required documentation

If work is planned, carry out the work at your expense (such as preparing the niche for the meter) indicated by our technician during the inspection.

In order to allow the work to begin, send the required documents and any photos via MyItalgas. You can find the forms in the “My requests” section, and from there you can fill them out and sign them online.



3. Italgas performs the connection

Once we have received all the documentation and obtained any permits from the Distributor, we are ready to carry out the connection work.

One of our authorised technicians will come to the address you have given us, show you a photo ID card, and will be the only one allowed to work on your meter.

Once the work is finished, you will have with you a unique 14-digit code – the PDR (or redelivery point) which identifies the gas utility you have just created and the exact location where the gas is delivered by the gas supplier and withdrawn by the customer.

Remember: you will always find the PDR also on the first page of the gas bill, which you will never receive from us, but from the sales company with which you sign a supply contract.



Second step: We proceed with activation



4. Prepare your house installation in accordance with standards

Now that the connection has been made, with the help of your installer it is necessary to make your home interior installation compliant.

This means that it must be carried out by an installation company registered with the Chamber of Commerce and qualified according to Decree No. 37 of the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea of 22 January 2008.


5. Request activation from the sales company and send plant certification

Once the indoor installation is ready, with your PDR, choose the sales company and request the certification and activation procedure for the new supply.

Choose it here according to your municipality.

To complete the activation request, you will need some documents:

  • Annex H/40 – Confirmation of gas supply activation/reactivation request;
  • Annex I/40 – Certification of correct execution of the installation.
    The documentation left by the installer

Please note: Annex H/40 and Annex I/40 must be completed and have the same date.

Send everything to MyItalgas, we will check that it is complete and compliant!

If it is not, you will have to ask the installer to make the changes and send the documents again.

Please note: keep a copy of all documentation sent.

To find out when the 40/14 safety check documentation is required and how to send it, visit the ‘Post-meter safety‘ page.


6. Request the appointment to start using gas

Ask the sales company for an appointment to place and activate your meter.

Please note: if you want to check your current gas supplier on your meter read here.

One of our authorised technicians will knock on your door and show you an identification card; he will be the only one allowed to work on your meter.

Once the work is finished, you will not have to make any payment, the costs will be charged directly on your first bill.

The gas is connected, the meter installed. Start using gas now!




To make, change or remove a connection, a quotation must first be requested.

If you have an active gas supply contract, you should contact your sales company (from which you receive your gas bills) and they will tell you how to access the service and the data required to make the request. If you do not have a contract, you can request a quote from us through the MyItalgas portal. You can ask for a quote not only for a new connection but also for other needs.

New Plant

If you want to apply for a new connection. Or even more than one.

4 or more counters

If you want to move at least four meters by the condominium administrator.

Upright Columns

If you want to move risers carried out by the condominium administrator.

Inactive connections

You want to move inactive connections but you are not the subrecipient.

Amendments Plant

Do you want to restore a system that was no longer powered?

Plant removal

Before obtaining the quotation it is necessary to first deactivate the gas supply.

Ask for a quotation on MyItalgas portal


Do everything the easy way.

Online assessment portal

Manage practices online.


Italgas digital estimate: getting an estimate has never been easier

Do you know that?

Anyone who uses natural or other gas has insurance cover against gas accidents.

Post-counter security

In some cases it is necessary to carry out an assessment of the installation.

Network security

Every year we inspect tens of thousands of kilometres of network with digital technology tools for network safety and efficiency.

Verification of cover

Check if we are the distribution company responsible for your region.

Choose sales company

Find a supplier by municipality.

Useful tips

You can never have too much gas advice. Some fundamentals are here. Always remember at least these five to live in peace and in a safe home.

Maturity date

Yes, even gas pipes have an expiry date.
Remember to replace the gas pipe to the cooker every 5 years.
You can read the expiry date printed above.

In the air

Install the boiler in a place where air exchange is guaranteed (or outside).
Check it periodically and always call in a qualified technician

The chimney

Use one chimney per installation.


When you know that you will not be at home for a certain period of time (even a few days!), always remember to turn off the general gas tap

Bip Bip!

If you can, always install domestic leak detection devices. They will help you detect leaks if you are not aware of them.

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