What drives us

For over 180 years we have been bringing energy and progress into the homes of Italians.
Today we put our experience and ability to innovate at the service of the ecological

What drives us

Our purpose drives our activities and investments. In fact, the 2023-2029 Strategic Plan foresees a growth in investments for the digital transformation of our assets and to strengthen our activities in the energy efficiency sector. All of this confirms our objective to play a leading role in the energy transition towards the decarbonisation of the economy and consumption. All this responds to our vision of the future.

Pioneers by passion and builders by vocation we offer all our energy to accelerate the ecological transition. We do this for us. We do this for everyone.

Our vision

We speak about energy, in plural, because the future energy mix will not only be linked to gas and a fundamental role will be played by energy efficiency. From this vision comes our daily work, which we have embodied in our mission statement.

Being a leading player in the world of energy, driving its evolution with continuous and sustainable innovation to improve people's quality of life.

Caldi – “Being a player in the energy transition means to diversify, and in this process
energy efficiency is crucial. This means a major cultural change”.

Gargiulo – “Innovation is an accelerator of our innovation. It is an open process because we open up to the outside world by creating synergies, and it is inclusive because we involve more and more colleagues with our digital factory.”

Vignolo – “We are leading the energy transition by making our grids capable of
accommodating renewable sources such as biomethane and hydrogen. By 2027 we will
reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 30% and our energy consumption by 25%”

green gas

Di Lauro – “We invest in caring for our people because we want them to feel proud to
belong to our group, we encourage growth and the enhancement of talent and diversity.”

Our Mission

We care for local communities. We cultivate positive and generative relationships with all those we reach: citizens, companies, suppliers and shareholders. We open up to new markets where we can apply our distinctive skills. We promote the growth of people and enhance talent, building inclusive and stimulating work environments.

We have been providing energy services to the community with efficiency, safety and excellence for more than 180 years. We encourage the energy transition by building the grids of the future and promoting innovative and sustainable solutions.

We work safely and reliably to serve the community. We are promoters of projects that provide concrete answers for a more sustainable environment for us, our community and future generations while being clear about our role as promoters of the energy transition, ensuring flexibility in the energy system and distributing gas from renewable sources. This is a great challenge, which we could not meet without the people who work with us every day.

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