The installer. An important partner.

The installer, or installation company, works as a team with us at Italgas to check the safety of a system and allow us to connect it to the distribution network. 

Are you an installer and need to certify a customer’s gas system? The procedure involves a few clear steps. Just follow the diagram below. If the installation is subject to Del. ARERA n. 40/14, the initial prerequisite is the receipt of the form Annex I/40 – the form of attestation of correct execution of the installation – from the customer making the request.


Signature and stamp

For assessment Del. 40/14, the installer completes the form in Annex I/40 with the code of the redelivery point pre-filled by the sales company and signs and stamps it.


Documentation check

The installer may be contacted by an appointed assessor for the completion of the document verification activity: for clarifications or additions relating to the technical documentation completed and signed by him.


Delivery of documentation

The installer gives the client the I/40 form with the Compulsory Technical Annexes (and other necessary ones). Only after activation of the supply and commissioning of the system, will it deliver to the customer the Declaration of Conformity (mod. annex I to DM 37/08) as required by law.


Data management

The installer will be contacted using the details given in the technical documentation; in any case the laws in force regarding the processing of personal data (GDPR) will be applied.


Explanatory exemples

For any clarification, please consult the Dedicated FAQ and in particular the indications and explanatory examples contained in the Guidelines n° 1 and n° 11 of the CIG.

The installer, or installation company, is primarily responsible for commissioning the utility system. Its role is fundamental because it verifies the safety of a gas installation, compiles the technical documentation, and only then can we, as a distribution company, connect private installations to our distribution network

The installer is also the person who has to follow the new regulatory provisions concerning the safety of indoor systems and who is responsible for delivering the Declaration of Conformity to the end customer at the end of the work and after commissioning and which is essential to ensure compliance with the law in force.

Our role as a distributor in the connection phase of a gas installation

Once the installer has completed his work and handed over the documentation to the customer who has applied for connection of an installation to the gas network, we take care of the documentary check. Before connecting the system to our network, we check the compliance of the documents issued by the installer. The assessment is carried out by technical personnel, either employed or external with a professional appointment. Only if the documentation is complete and congruent can the investigation proceed. 

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