We are committed to combating all forms of corruption. Our Anti-Corruption Procedure is an integral part of a much broader system of business ethics and internal control, designed to guarantee compliance with Italian and international regulations and standards, and to protect the company’s reputation.


The Anti-Corruption measures are contained in the special Procedure, which forms a systemic framework of reference of regulatory tools adopted by Italgas, inspired by the conduct principles envisaged in the Code of Ethics and designed to prevent any form of corruption in relations with third parties, protecting business integrity and the group’s reputation.

Adopted in 2016 by the Board of Directors, the Procedure also contains elements of anti-corruption policy, adopted in compliance with the tenth Global Compact principle, the international initiative launched by the United Nations in 2000 to support ten universal principles relating to human rights, labour, the environment and the fight against corruption.

Specifically, the Anti-Corruption Procedure:

  • draws a clear distinction between permitted and forbidden conduct;
  • prohibits all forms of corruption, with public officials or private parties;
  • it focuses in particular on supplier selection and the qualification process, assignment and management of contracts, standard protection clauses, including those committing to compliance with Anti-Corruption laws and the verification of suppliers’ ethics requirements;
  • it establishes that all Italgas group relations with, referring to or involving a public official must be conducted in compliance with the provisions of the Procedure.


A Legal Anticorruption Function was established, with the task of monitoring the adoption of the Procedure, updating it and training personnel. As envisaged in the Model 231 and the Anti-Corruption Procedure, all Italgas personnel must be educated and trained on Anti-Corruption laws. There are also specific information flows to the competent corporate functions, such as the immediate superior of an employee that becomes aware of a corruption attempt, the Supervisory Body, the legal anti-corruption function, the mailbox for notifications also in anonymous format (segnalazioni@italgas.it) with regard to requests from a public and/or a private official that could be cases of corruption, and a specific reporting system with regard to any suspected violation of the anti-corruption laws or the Procedure.

Group employees must be trained on applicable Anti-Corruption regulations and on the importance of complying with the Procedure. In fact, they must be fully aware of the offences, risks, personal liability, administrative liability for group companies, action to be taken to combat corruption and the sanctions.

The Procedure applies to Italgas S.p.A. and its subsidiaries, as part of the management and coordination activities exercised by the group parent. The adoption of anti-corruption measures is also required from suppliers and intermediaries.

Policy for the Prevention and Combating of the Corruption

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Anti-corruption certification UNI ISO 37001 - Italgas S.p.A.

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Anti-corruption certification UNI ISO 37001 - Italgas Reti

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Anti-Corruption Procedure

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