Ethical code

The Code of Ethics sets out the values that we recognise, accept and share, and the responsibilities that we assume both within our organisation and in dealings with external interlocutors.

The Code of Ethics, approved with a Resolution of the Board of Directors of Italgas S.p.A. on 18 October 2016 and periodically updated, represents the system of values underlying the group’s ethical culture, which inspires both the strategic line of thought and the conduct of corporate activities.

The Code of Ethics defines the principles that Italgas’ people must comply with in their relations with suppliers, customers, employees, communities and in general all stakeholders. These relationships must be carried out in compliance with the law and the legitimate interests of all subjects with whom we come into contact on a daily basis, in a context of ethics, integrity, transparency, correctness, professionalism, good faith, honesty and fair competition.

The Code also contains some general principles of sustainability and corporate responsibility, in addition to referring to the principles that must be complied with in matters concerning the workplace, relations with stakeholders and suppliers and personal data protection.

The Code of Ethics applies with regard to “Italgas people” or directors, statutory auditors, management and employees of the group, as well as all of those who work to achieve the objectives of Italgas.

To ensure solid implementation of the ethics principles, we are constantly working on compliance.


Which enables our employees to understand how regulations and codes apply to their activities and behaviours and how to address any critical situations.

Monitoring activities

It allows us to constantly monitor the correct application of the code of ethics, verifying compliance with it in every company of the Group.

Supervisory Body (SB) “Guarantor” of the Code of Ethics

As regards the Code of Ethics, the Supervisory Body is tasked.


Promoting the implementation of the Code of Ethics and issuing the reference procedures.


Promoting initiatives that are helpful in disseminating and raising awareness of the Code of Ethics also in order to avoid the repetition of violations.


Promoting communication and training programmes for management and employees.


Examining notices of possible violations of the Code of Ethics, promoting the most suitable checks and intervening, even in response to notifications from “Italgas people”, in cases of notices of possible violations of the Code deemed to be not duly dealt with or retaliations suffered by the same person following notification.


Notifying the competent structures of the results of important checks for the adoption of any disciplinary proceedings and informing the line structures/competent areas of the results of important checks in order to implement appropriate measures.

The Supervisory Body of Italgas also submits to the Control and Risk Committee and the Board of Statutory Auditors, as well as the chairman and chief executive officer, who report to the Board of Directors, a half-yearly report on the implementation of the Code of Ethics and whether it needs to be updated.


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Supervisory Body and 231 Model

The Code of Ethics represents an irrevocable general principle of the management and control model (231), which aims to prevent offences committed in the interest or to the benefit of the company. The Supervisory Body is tasked with supervising the operation and observance of Model 231 and the Code of Ethics and updating them.

Internal Control and Risk Management

Model 231 and the Code of Ethics define the guiding principles on which the entire internal control and risk management system is based.


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