The Code of Ethics gathers together the set of values that we recognise, accept and share, and the responsibility we have towards our organisation and to our external stakeholders.


Approved by Resolution of the Italgas S.p.A. Board of Directors on 18 October 2016, the Code of Ethics represents the system of values that forms the basis for the group’s ethics culture, which must drive strategic thinking and how we conduct our business activities.

It defines the principles with which Italgas personnel must comply in relations with suppliers, customers, employees, the community and with all stakeholders in general. These relations must be conducted in compliance with the law and in a context of ethics, integrity, transparency, fairness, professionalism, good faith, honesty and fair competition, respecting the legitimate interests of all interested parties with whom we come into contact on a daily basis.

The Code also contains the general principles of business sustainability and responsibility, as well as recalling the principles which should be complied with on the subjects of the workplace, relations with stakeholders and suppliers and in personal data protection.

The Code of Ethics represents an inescapable general principle of the Organisational and Control Model (231).


Code of Ethics

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Supervisory Body

The Supervisory Body also acts as the Code of Ethics “Supervisor”.

 The Supervisory Body is responsible for:

  • promoting the implementation of the Code of Ethics and issuing the reference procedures;
  • promoting initiatives that are helpful in disseminating and raising awareness of the Code of Ethics also in order to avoid the repetition of violations;
  • promoting communication and training programmes for management and employees;
  • examining notices of possible violations of the Code of Ethics, promoting the most suitable checks and intervening, even in response to reports from "Italgas people", in cases of notification of possible violations of the Code deemed to be not duly dealt with or retaliations suffered by the same person following reports;
  • notifying the competent structures of the results of important checks for the adoption of any disciplinary proceedings and informing the line structures/competent areas of the results of important checks in order to implement appropriate measures.

The Italgas Supervisory Body also presents a half-year report to the Control and Risks Committee and the Board of Statutory Auditors as well as to the Chairman and the CEO, who report back to the Board of Directors, on the implementation and any need to update the Code of Ethics.


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