Tax Strategy and Tax Control Framework

Our Tax Strategy, approved by the Board of Directors, is inspired by the same principles expressed in the Code of Ethics.

In keeping with our values, we act in compliance with the applicable laws and principles of the tax system in the country in which we carry out our business.

The objective of the Tax Strategy is to:

Guarantee the correct calculation and settlement of taxes due by law

well aware that management of taxes is an integral part of the broader economic and social role the group performs in the Countries it operates in.

Ensure the monitoring of tax risk

it means the risk of operating in violation of tax regulations or in contrast with the principles and/or purposes of the legal system.

The fundamental principles of our Tax Strategy

All company levels involved
Collaboration and transparency

How we shape our Tax Strategy

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Compliance with the laws and principles of the tax system

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Tax Planning

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Tax Management

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Relations with the

Tax Authorities

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Sharing the

Tax Compliance Culture

The Italgas S.p.A. Board of Directors guarantees the conditions for the implementation of the Tax Strategy, promoting awareness on all levels of the importance that the Group attaches to the values of honesty, correctness and legality in tax.

In order to further strengthen the Internal Control and Risk Management System we have also adopted the Tax Control Framework, aimed at detecting, assessing, managing and controlling the tax risks through a clear definition of the principles, methodologies, roles and responsibilities.

The tax strategy and the TCF constituted the prerequisites for admission, for Italgas and the subsidiary Italgas Reti, on 29 December 2020 and starting from the 2019 tax period, to the cooperative compliance regime, established by Italian Legislative Decree no. 128 of 5 August 2015, in order to promote forms of communication and cooperation with the tax authority, based on mutual trust.