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April 2019

03. A stronger Italgas emerges from the Shareholders’ Meeting held on 4 April 2019
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Generally speaking, the Shareholders’ Meeting represents the most important opportunity for interaction between the Company and its shareholders. In the specific case of the Italgas Meeting held on 4 April 2019, shareholders took the chance to make the governance of the Company even more solid and effective, by appointing a new, well structured and qualified BoD to lead the Company along its ambitious path towards sustainable growth. Alberto Dell’Acqua, Paolo Gallo, Yunpeng He, Paola Annamaria Petrone, Maurizio Dainelli, Giandomenico Magliano and Veronica Vecchi have been appointed Directors, taken from list no.1, jointly submitted by CDP Reti and Snam, together holding 39.545% of the share capital. That list was voted by the majority (57.34%) of the shareholders who attended the meeting. Andrea Mascetti and Silvia Stefini are the Directors taken from list no.2, submitted by institutional investors holding a total of 1.366% of the share capital; that second list was voted by 42.29% of shareholders who attended the Meeting.

In the last Shareholders’ Meeting, Italgas could record the attendance of 790 shareholders, in person or by proxy, representing 78.25% of the Company’s share capital; among them, 70 were institutional investors.Important resolutions were approved with very high percentages of votes in favor on total voting shares: 99.63% for the Company’s Financial Statements, 99.7% for the allocation of the profit, 99.41% for the President appointment and a remarkable 97.98% for the Remuneration Policy.