The international and Italian energy context moves towards decarbonization scenarios in which gas can play a key role. On the other hand, the economic logics place Italgas, leader of the Italian market, in a condition of advantage in the process of concentration in progress.



Gas and energy transition

The international context - through COP 21 and the guidelines of the European Union - and the National Energy Strategy (SEN) require states and operators in the energy market to accelerate towards decarbonisation. In this context, natural gas is a flexible source able to favor the energy transition and to facilitate a realistic and economically sustainable realization of decarbonisation objectives.

  • Natural gas has a carbon dioxide emission rate of 41% lower than coal.
  • In recent years the gas distribution network has proven its flexibility, ensuring safety and stability of the Italian energy system.
  • Even more advanced solutions are being studied: Power to Gas, for example, is a technology that can transform the energy produced from renewable sources (solar and wind) into a synthetic gas that can be used in any context. See the study of the role that gas can play in our energy future.

Renewable gas (in particular biomethane) can become an important asset for the development of a circular economy. The new Italian regulatory framework requires that biomethane be progressively introduced into the gas transportation and distribution system.


A market in a consolidation phase

  • Italgas is the leader of the italian market:
    • for redelivery points (with a 35% share including affiliated companies)
  • The establishment of the ATEMs (minimum territorial areas), in 2011, is accelerating the process of consolidation of the market. The concentration in progress sees us in an advantageous position, also due to the economies of scale we are able to obtain.


Decrease in the number of gas distribution operators in Italy



Finally, we have the advantage of moving within a very stable regulatory framework, which gives us clear visibility for the future.

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