Through an investment program of 7.5 billion euros strongly focused on digital innovation, and strategies for energy, operating and financial efficiency, the 2020-2026 strategic plan will guarantee Italgas growth while maintaining its solid financial structure.


Following the results achieved in recent years and the actions for growth and development undertaken, the 2019-2025 Plan has revised up all the main targets. 

Results of the plan:

 In euro

2019 Results

2020 Results

 Revenues adj.

1.25 billion

1.33 billion

 Ebitda adj.

907.5 million

971.4 million


740 million

777.5 million

 Consolidated RAB (including M&A)

7.4 billion

7.8 billion

 Net Debt/RAB




Objectives of the new plan:

 In euro

 2026 Outlook (with tenders)

 Consolidated Ebitda

 about 2.0 billion euros

 EBITDA Margin

 about 73%


 8 - 8.5%

 Consolidated RAB

 11.3 billion

 Net Debt/RAB

around 61%


How to reach our objectives:

The targets included in the above table are consistent with the strategic priorities described in the 2020-26 Strategic Plan.

They assume total capex of 7.5 billion euros over the 2020-26 period. Of the 7.5 billion euros, around 0.4 billion euros will be invested to develop the distribution network in Sardinia and 1.1 billion euro will be invested for technological innovation and digitisation, including the completion of the installation plan for the latest generation of smart meters in 2020. The plan established a new four year dividend policy (2020-23) that provides for the distribution of a dividend equal to the greater of (i) the DPS equal to 65% of adjusted EPS and (ii) the amount resulting from the FY2019 DPS (0.256 euros) increased by 4% per annum.

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