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Italgas and the sales companies: a link that continues

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The third stage of the "Training/Information Route" took place yesterday via webinar an opportunity to strengthen the relationship with sales companies for the benefit of end users 01 April 2020Inform, listen and improve. All for the benefit of end users. These are the objectives that Italgas places at the basis of its relationship with the sales companies. A continuous and profitable link that sees Italgas, the first gas distributor in Italy, confront itself with about 300 sales companies that in turn manage the supplies of about 7.6 million end users. Italgas has always paid attention to the relationship with all stakeholders and in particular to the sales companies, which are the direct interlocutor of end customers. For this reason it is essential to share tools and expertise to improve the efficiency and security of the service provided to users. In this context the "Training/information path" provided in webinar modeis inserted .  A project of "virtual meetings" started in 2019 and arrived yesterday at the third appointment, designed to improve and strengthen the dialogue between Italgas and the sales companies. The main objective of these meetings is, in fact, to share new ways, new digital tools provided by Italgas that will play a decisive role in ensuring an increasingly efficient and cutting-edge service for end users. With this in mind, great attention during yesterday's session was given to "Gasonline", Italgas' portal dedicated to sales companies. A decisive application in the exchange of information between operators in the gas distribution sector and which represents a great gateway for all sales companies that will be able to take advantage of innovative features, services, tools and content to support their daily work. Innovation was one of the issues addressed during yesterday's third meeting, a webinar event. "Even before the emergency we decided to organize this training and information path via webinar and we are happy that this decision has also met the current needs - explains Sandro Lacidogna, Italgas Sales Manager - an initiative that confirms our company vocation oriented towards digital innovation and that sees us as the first in the gas distribution sector to launch an event like this through an online platform". A modality that has brought, in fact, a series of benefits to all participants and that has overcome the problems that have arisen with the current health emergency. The webinar allowed everyone, first and foremost, to be present at the project despite the physical distance. It also facilitates those who, for personal or professional needs, could not be connected live but can comfortably attend the webinar at any later time. In addition to this, the webinar allowed Italgas to respond and dialogue in an interactive way both during and after the online session. All this made the webinar the one with the highest participation so far, given the more than 300 participants connected at the same time (representing the 110 related sales companies). Numbers that confirm the goodness of the path taken, both in terms of content and methods of use, and that push Italgas to continue the project with the new stages planned during the year. An initiative that, given the positive feedback received from the sales companies, will continue to represent an important opportunity to inform and compare notes. In conclusion, the webinar allowed all participants to listen and communicate, representing an important moment of exchange and dialogue between Italgas and the sales companies. A step to continue to build together an increasingly efficient and innovative service for the benefit of end users: the real centre of the relationship between distributor and sales company.