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The new GasOnLine is… online!

Data di pubblicazione:
From today, 16 April 2018, GasOnLine is all new! One of the first applications for the exchange of information between operators in the gas distribution sector has been profoundly renewed:
  • the homepage has a new graphic design, designed to communicate important news and deepen topics of common interest
  • menus are structured to access functionality more easily and effectively, thus simplifying access to services, content and tools
  • the availability of tools has been expanded , with advanced search engines that make the portal more user friendly
  • access profiles have been revised and articulated by subject areas, in order to make access to functionalities more consistent with the different corporate organizations.
Technology and operators' needs are constantly evolving and for this reason the reference areas of the GasOnLine IT platform, such as regulated services, additional services, utilities and communication, will be developed with continuous fine-tuning, in order to give more and more support to the daily work of sales operators. The new GasOnLine is constantly evolving and today is transformed into a modern platform to better manage business relations. Good job, with the New GasOnLine!