The Historical Archive of Italgas, the result of about two centuries of history, will be entirely digitalized and will enhance the cultural heritage of the company

Reconciling history with innovation, Digital Transformation with the preservation of a great historical heritage: that of Italgas and the country. These are the objectives of the Heritage Lab, a new project, carried out together with the Giorgio Cini Foundation and ARCHiVe, which aims to digitize and renew the vast Italgas Archive and to give life to a new model of the Laboratory Museum. A physical and virtual meeting place that tells, in a totally innovative way, the historical riches of one of the most important companies in our country.

The Italgas Museum will not only be a container of the company's history, where visitors will be able to follow exclusively exhibition itineraries, but it will become a real productive and always active laboratory. A meeting place that will see its hinge in the Data Square: a real "square" located inside the Museum, where the public will have the opportunity to enjoy the contents of digitizations and to interact with them in an innovative and virtual way.  Data Square itself, in fact, feeds on the contents of the Italgas Archive and challenges itself to combine and share with the public daily activities, technologies and documents of the past. 

History, innovation and digitization. For Italgas and for the territory. For this reason the new Heritage Lab will represent a real digital asset for Italgas.

2019 was an important year for the launch of the project that will lead, during 2020, to the creation of a large laboratory for the digitization of Italgas' cultural heritage, integrated in a new museum itinerary where the company's collections, collections and history will be preserved and better valorized to offer new educational, multimedia, interactive and laboratory paths.

Our cultural heritage includes:


The Italgas Heritage Lab project

Italgas, in partnership with the Foundation Giorgio Cini The Group's Museum and Historical Archive of Turin has been transformed into a laboratory equipped with the most advanced technologies for the 2D and 3D digitization of the historical, industrial, artistic and cultural heritage that the Group has collected and preserved during its almost two centuries of history.

 Italgas, in partnership con la Fondazione Giorgio Cini, trasforma il suo Museo e Archivio Storico di Torino in un laboratorio dotato delle più avanzate tecnologie per la digitalizzazione in 2D e in 3D del patrimonio storico, industriale, artistico e culturale che il Gruppo ha raccolto e custodito nel corso dei suoi quasi due secoli di storia.

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