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Bludigit announcement

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Italgas announces the birth of Bludigit, the new company that brings together all the Information Technology activities of the Group. It will give a new boost to innovation and digital transformation.

The new organization, headed by Marco Barra Caracciolo, formerly CIO of Italgas, can rely on the skills of around 100 people and will allow both to increase the Group's internal efficiency, making the digital transformation even more central, and to offer the market the new proprietary technological solutions.

Rome, 8 July 2021 - Bludigit S.p.A. is born, the new Italgas company in which all the Group's Information Technology activities and the Digital Factory, the technological innovation hub created to develop digital solutions that enable business transformation, have been concentrated.

The new company, which can immediately rely on the skills of over one hundred people, controls assets worth around 100 million euros and more than 100 contracts for a total value of over 300 million euros.

Bludigit is the natural evolution of the digital transformation path started by Italgas in 2017 and will allow further rationalization of IT activities in terms of efficiency and internal cost control while developing new synergies inside and outside the Group in a service provider approach. Through the new company, the Group will offer cutting-edge proprietary digital solutions, making its in-house developed skills and applications available to other operators in the energy and infrastructure sector.

President and CEO of Bludigit is Marco Barra Caracciolo, formerly CIO of Italgas. With a degree in Electronic Engineering, 53 years old, Barra Caracciolo has a deep knowledge of the IT world, having held relevant positions in this sector.

Paolo Gallo, CEO of Italgas, affirmed: "Digital transformation is at the heart of our strategy, the main enabler of the growth path that will allow us also to support the energy transition to achieve the EU 2030 and 2050 targets. Four years ago, we started our digitalization process with a visionary choice, the adoption of the public cloud, and then we continued with a deep business transformation in the management of assets, processes, and people. And the evolution goes on. Today, with the birth of Bludigit, we aim to give a further boost to this path and to enhance the proprietary technologies developed in our Digital Factory by offering them also to operators from different sectors”.