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Italgas signed the agreement for the new Smart Working model

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Milan, 16 March 2022 - Italgas has signed an agreement with all the Trade Unions for the introduction of the new Smart Working model, which will be effective after the period of health emergency experienced over the last two years.

From next April, all Group employees will be able to take part in agile working on a voluntary basis, with the sole exception of those who carry out operational activities.

Italgas adopted two organisational models, which take into account the different types of activities carried out and their suitability for remote working:

  • Weekly, for technicians working on networks and plants throughout the country who may opt for remote work up to one day per week.
  • Monthly, for all other employees, allowing smart working for up to ten days a month.
A series of practical measures have been identified as part of the agreement, with the aim of concretely improving work-life balance. Each employee will be able to agree with his or her supervisor on the time slot between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. within which he or she can work and will also receive a "Smart Ticket" for the days when he or she chooses to work remotely.

The company has also introduced the possibility of benefiting from an additional 40 days of smart working per year to support parenting, protect the vulnerable and assist relatives.

Peter Durante, HR Director of Italgas, commented: "One of the lessons we learned from the health emergency is that we need to contribute to the well-being of our people, and this agreement will certainly improve their work-life balance. We strongly believe in goal-oriented work and in empowering each employee, and we are convinced that reconciling life and work generates a virtuous mechanism with a positive impact also on results. I am particularly proud of the potential 40 extra days of smart working per year available to our colleagues: an opportunity that allows them to better manage challenging moments in life".