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Italgas unveils Nimbus, the World’s smartest ‘H2 Ready’ Smart Meter at Enlit in Paris

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Paris, November 29, 2023 - Italgas unveiled today in Paris the world's most cutting-edge 'H2 ready' smart meter. This technological gem enables Italgas networks to efficiently accommodate, distribute, and measure various types of gases, including blending among them.  

The unveiling took place during the 2023 edition of Enlit Europe, an international event focused on global energy agenda themes, currently held in Paris this year. In this international setting, Pier Lorenzo Dell’Orco, CEO of Italgas RETI (the main operating company of the Italgas Group), unveiled Nimbus, the future smart meter developed in-house by Italgas RETI in collaboration with Bludigit, the group's tech company.

Nimbus - explained Pier Lorenzo Dell’Orco, CEO of Italgas RETI - is the outcome of intensive research, design, and development efforts where we leveraged the significant know-how gained during these years of comprehensive digital transformation of assets and processes. We are aware that we have achieved a new technological leap, allowing us not only to confirm our global benchmark status but above all to contribute to consumption decarbonization targets by enabling a more efficient distribution of renewable gases. Nimbus, an all-Italian project, will be the new offering for the international distribution market, bringing us closer to the net-zero economy and offering a range of innovative functions for integrated service management."

"The new 'H2 ready' meter, featuring a modular and incredibly compact design, will push the boundaries of technology, excelling in performance, safety, and sustainability. Among its key components stand out:

  • A gas flow measurement system using static, particularly thermo-mass-based technology, compatible with natural gas and methane-hydrogen blends of over 20%.
  • A seismic sensor and an external temperature detection sensor capable of interrupting gas supply in the event of seismic activities and fires, enabling data sharing with authorities responsible for territorial security.
  • Specific anti-tampering solutions promptly detecting attempts to manipulate or disconnect the device.
  • Communication modules utilizing NB-IoT and LoRaWAN technologies as primary networks, alongside an additional backup channel employing mesh technology. This backup channel enables a meter to transmit data even without a signal by leveraging connectivity with the nearest smart meter. The aim is to maximize field tele-reading and remote management performance.
  • An expected lifespan of at least 15 years for all components of the device, including the operational batteries, significantly surpassing the current commercially available smart meters.
  • Use of recycled materials.

The initial 20,000 units of Nimbus will be installed and operational within the upcoming weeks, with the large-scale installation across Italgas' 8 million customers set to commence in the second half of 2025.  

Nimbus signifies an advanced platform for a new meter-to-cash service offering tailored to the gas distribution sector.  

The images and the video of the Nimbus presentation are available by scanning this QR code