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Italgas is awarded the concession of gas distribution service in the “Belluno” district

Data di pubblicazione:
Plans for extending the networks to serve additional 17 new municipalities, on top of the 34 currently served with methane, increasing the number of users served from 47 thousand to about 85 thousand.     Milan, 3 June 2020 - The Belluno contracting authority has officially awarded Italgas the tender for the 12-year concession of the natural gas distribution service in the "Belluno" area. The concession awarded allows Italgas to increase the number of users served by approximately 40,000 units. In the area there are currently 34 methanized municipalities, served by approximately 990 kilometres of networks, for a total of 47,000 end users and a RAB of over 43 million euro. In its offer Italgas planned investments of approximately 135 million euro aimed at extending the networks - for over 300 km - to areas not reached by the service yet, at completely digitizing the existing infrastructures, at improving the quality and safety of the service and at executing energy efficiency interventions on over 60 public buildings. With the extension of the network, 17 new municipalities will be methanized, giving more than 38,000 end-users the possibility to connect to the natural gas distribution network. Such investments will generate a strong boost for the local economy, with effects in terms of employment, and the extension of the service to new territories will also guarantee significant savings in bills and a substantial reduction in polluting emissions. “The awarding of the Atem Belluno to Italgas - commented the Company's CEO, Paolo Gallo – is a further confirmation of how the tenders bring significant advantages to the territory. 135 million euros earmarked for investments in new networks, their digitization, energy efficiency, improving the service where it already exists, and bringing it to new municipalities, are a demonstration of how Italgas can contribute to the development of a territory at a particularly difficult time for the country”.