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Italgas is awarded the management of the natural gas distribution service in the Atem area “Torino 1”

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Italgas is awarded the management of the natural gas distribution service in the Atem area “Torino 1” Investments of approximately 330 million euros are planned in the area, with a significant impact on local GDP, as well as actions to foster the decarbonization of local public transportation Turin, 4 March 2021 - The Contracting Authority, the Municipality of Turin, has officially awarded Italgas the tender for the management of the natural gas distribution service for the next 12 years in the "Torino 1" area, which includes the regional capital city and the municipalities of Moncalieri, Grugliasco, Rivoli, Rivalta di Torino and Nichelino. The awarding of the Atem area, including about 560,000 consumers, allows the company to ensure continuity in the management of the service in an area historically linked to the company, where it was founded and has operated since 1837, and to implement an investment plan of about 330 million euros. The pivotal investment plan will produce a significant effect on local GDP, with positive results also in terms of employment by creating 3,000 new jobs in the related industries. In addition, the extension of the service to new areas will enable the users concerned to make significant savings on their bills, estimated at more than 50 million euros over the 12 years of the contract, thanks to the lower cost of natural gas compared to other fuels currently used. Italgas plan includes the following actions: - The full upgrade of 340 kilometres of networks, over 600 intermediate plants which will be equipped with monitoring and remote control; - the laying of more than 40 kilometres of new grids and the upgrading of about 15 kilometres of network to reach areas not yet served, in order to make methane available to about 4,500 new users; - the replacement of 215,000 traditional meters with next-gen smart meters; - the construction of two new methane distribution plants to serve the bus depots of GTT, the local public transportation company, to support the city programs to decarbonize road transportation. Pier Lorenzo Dell’Orco, CEO of subsidary Italgas RETI, commented: "The award of the Atem area ‘Torino 1’ is an important result both for the Company, which confirms its presence in the city where it was born almost two centuries ago, and for the territory, which will benefit from 330 million euros of investment, concentrated mainly in the first years of the contract. As well as ensuring an important multiplier effect on the local economy, the plan will also guarantee relevant environmental benefits thanks to an overall reduction in emissions of CO2 and fine particles. After the Atem areas ‘Torino 2’, Valle d'Aosta and Belluno, this fourth tender assigned to Italgas raises the total value of the investments planned in the areas concerned to around one billion euro, confirming the virtuous effect that gas tenders have on the Country's economic recovery and the need to speed up their implementation decisively".