How we work with suppliers

Our vision and procurement activities drive the Group’s solid network of suppliers to generate shared value with our network of suppliers and the community we are part of.

Working with the Italgas Group means making a daily contribution to innovation and the sustainable growth of the country.

In our vision, progress stems from ideas and co-creation and is nourished by values like trust, responsibility, a proactive approach and innovation. 

Our people establish and consolidate over time fair, transparent relationships, not only within the Group but along the whole of the supply chain, fostering the creation of shared value.

Our role

We do not only choose and manage suppliers. We are responsible for creating ethical and sustainable partnerships for the whole Group, focusing on the development of the companies that choose to work with us. We see suppliers as partners who make their unique expertise available to the Group each day thereby helping us to innovate even more.

Our activities and the purchasing process

We are the point of reference for suppliers and we support the Group on its sustainability path.

  • We initiate qualifications and procurement for all Group companies.
  • We provide procurement guidelines and ensure compliance with the information and publication obligations laid down by current legislation.
  • We collaborate with many departments of the Group to plan the requirements and search for new opportunities.
  • We ensure all the necessary checks are conducted during the management of contracts involving subcontracts and payments.
  • We ensure compliance with the current legislative framework.
  • We ensure the operational management of warehouses and oversee delivery of the materials.

Italgas Vendor List Regulations

The purpose of the Italgas Vendor List Regulations is to indicate the rules and principles by which the Italgas Group Supplier Register is established and managed, and which all our suppliers must observe.

For a sustainable supply chain

Being a sustainable Group means guaranteeing a more responsible supply chain. The sustainability of the supply chain is monitored from the first phases of qualification and for the full duration of the relationship. 

The qualification process for suppliers of the Italgas Group involves checking important sustainability criteria (ESG – Environmental, Social, Governance) assessed together with their overall performances. The process to become a supplier involves:

  • Preliminary analysis of the documentary and technical requirements, depending on the complexity of the goods category of reference.
  • Analysis of the sustainability/ESG requirements.
  • Analysis of the health, safety and quality requirements.
  • Analysis of the economic-financial requirements.

In this process, we are on the frontline supporting you with integrating sustainability into your business.

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