The health and safety of our people and partners is paramount in the day-to-day running of our business. That is why we provide a safe working environment and invest in a proactive safety culture.

Over 41,000

Hours of health and safety training.

 24 meetings with suppliers

Focusing on health and safety issues.

Crisis Committee

To manage and monitor the Coronavirus health emergency, introducing initiatives to protect and safeguard workers.

19 digital conventions with the regional centres

Dedicated to occupational safety and awareness-raising: analysis of accidents, near misses, corrective actions.

Everything we do is done securely through digital and real-time monitoring of the entire network, so that we can protect our people, operators and end customers by providing a reliable service.

Thanks to our rigorous operations and the digitisation of our infrastructure, we work in safety to protect those who work with us and our customers and territories.

Safety for those who work with us

The value of safety is part of our rigorous management of operations, which allows us to spread and promote a proactive health and safety culture among our employees and suppliers through:


In order to spread and strengthen the culture of safety, in 2021 we involved our employees in over 41,000 hours of training on specific occupational health and safety topics.

Traditionally carried out through classroom teaching, as well as in the field, the training was largely redesigned in digital mode due to the 2020 health emergency, with the implementation of courses in e-Learning format.


In order to prevent accidents and raise awareness about key issues such as health and safety, we carry out internal communication initiatives involving all our people. Safety first is one of our most important internal campaigns that puts safety first, both in the workplace and in private lives. Thanks to specially designed posters, our corporate Intranet and the devices available to our operators, we make Italgas aware of issues that play a crucial role in our lives.

Active involvement

Our annual active involvement initiatives contribute to the growth of a safe working culture, with a personalised award ceremony for all employees who have not had an accident during the year. The Italgas Safety Trophy and the Zero Accidents Prize are just a few examples: these projects have the primary aim of encouraging employees to carry out their work in compliance with safety regulations, protecting themselves and others and in turn raising awareness among the people they work with on a daily basis.

Health and safety: continuity and maximum protection even during the COVID-19 health emergency

We have taken out specific COVID-19 insurance cover, set up free prevention measures (voluntary serological, antigen and molecular tests) and immediately procured and distributed safety equipment (masks, gloves, coveralls, sanitiser gels) to all offices and technical units. In addition, we have further confirmed remote working, in smart working mode, to facilitate safe and secure working.

People represent the Group’s energy and we provide them with security, well-being and a working environment where they can fulfil their potential.

Security for our customers and the territory

For us, safety is closely linked to the efficiency and reliability of our infrastructure: where a network that distributes gas is efficient, it is also safe. This is why we are committed to constant monitoring and modernising and we invest in the digitisation of the network and our operations to ensure a state-of-the-art service. These important assets allowed us to work with greater flexibility and security even during the COVID-19 health emergency, guaranteeing the continuity of our services.

The digital transformation programme started four years ago has already brought visible benefits not only in terms of cost efficiency, but also increased security and flexibility during the pandemic. Thanks to the proprietary technologies developed within the Digital Factory – Gas Leakage Detection, ShareView and WorkonSite – it was possible to ensure the continuity and security of essential services in all the municipalities served. Moreover, the restart of worksites following the lockdown imposed in spring in Italy was supported by the use of WorkOnSite: the App to manage controls on gas distribution network worksites and make compliance checks faster and more efficient.

Our rigorous management

We operate in complete safety and in respect of regulatory and compliance requirements, thanks to our internal policies and the application of a HS management system certified according to the new ISO 45001 standard and aligned to requirement of the Legislative Decree 81/2008 (Testo Unico sulla Sicurezza). Italgas subsidiaries Italgas Reti, Toscana Energia, Medea, Seaside and Italgas Acqua are all ISO 45001 certified. To obtain the voluntary ISO 45001 certification, all the requirements established by standards must be met and exceeded.

In particular, we are committed to communicating and updating our undertakings and responsibilities to prevent accidents and safeguard health protection through our Health, Safety, Environment, Quality and Energy (HSEQE) Policy.

The document follows the principles of our Code of Ethics and governs the approach, management methods and commitments not only to health and safety protection, but also to the prevention of accidents, work-related injuries, ill health and occupational diseases. The organizational tools (Service Orders and Organizational Communications) define the roles and responsibilities for the implementation of the Policy and to meet the requirements of the ISO 45001 standard and certification, including for example the prioritization and integration of internal emergency plans and the definition of procedure and actions to investigate work-related injuries, ill health, diseases, accidents and potential accidents. This process is an integrated and planned process involving constructive consultation and discussion with workers and their representatives.

In line with the requirements of ISO 45001, risks and hazards are assessed to identify potential harm in the workplace and actions plans are then defined to address such risks and hazards, including the identification of specific quantitative targets with the aim of defining actions plans to deal with emergency situations. Progress in HS management and in reducing/preventing health issues are constantly evaluated against challenging targets and objectives.

Internal organizational tools and training are integrated with the necessary actions to prevent such risks and hazards. Both health and saferty issues’ management and progress towards targets are evaluated and assessed through internal inspections and external verification audits.

Our governance, together with important awareness initiatives, aims to actively promote accident prevention both inside and outside Italgas. 4 accidents occurred in 2021. The number of accidents among contractors remained unchanged: 8 in 2021 as well as in 2020. Particular attention is also devoted to potential accidents. In 2021, 19 specific digital conventions were carried over with the territorial poles devoted in particular towards raising awareness to injuries, the analysis of incidents, including near misses, and the definition of corrective actions to be implemented. Our suppliers are involved in HS training initiatives and to participate in the tender procedure, we require them to have ISO 45001 certifications on health and safety management systems. Italgas’ subsidiaries Italgas Reti, Toscana Energia, Medea, Italgas Acqua, and Seaside are ISO 45001 certified by DNV (DET NORSCHE VERITAS).

To explore HS data in more detail, browse the following in-depth sections, or explore our company data in the Italgas’ Reporting Hub.

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