Together for the community

We are promoters of projects that provide concrete answers for a more sustainable environment forus, our community and future generations.

Sustainability guides our choices and is an integral part of our daily lives, increasingly characterised by flexible mobility, digitalisation and green, responsible lifestyles.

Because it is important

Our territory is changing, as is our way of living it.
A sustainable and green awareness is becoming increasingly widespread, leading to an awareness of the need to lead a responsible and environmentally friendly lifestyle.
In this changing context, we promote the development of projects that respond to the needs of the area and provide concrete answers for a more sustainable life and environment for us, our community and future generations.
We act with and for the territory to contribute to the evolution of society.

Objectives and ambitions

The territory in which we are present is wide and varied: we operate in urban and metropolitan centres, but also in local realities. These differences are opportunities for growth and innovation that spur us on to rethink sustainable development within everyone’s reach and with diversified solutions that provide opportunities for growth everywhere.
This is why we contribute to the social and cultural development of the areas where we are active, promoting a strong connection between networks, territory and community through:

Dialogue and growth

We proactively dialogue with the local area, with the aim of anticipating the needs of a changing society and proposing concrete solutions for a more sustainable life.


We engage the community and the younger generation to raise awareness of the importance of energy efficiency and guide them towards responsible lifestyles, where everyday life, mobility, work and study have a positive impact on the environment.

The SDGs integrated into our actions

We strengthen our contribution towards achieving the specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that make up the United Nations 2030 Agenda. Aspart of our land and community development efforts, we contribute to achieving the following SDGs with concrete actions.

Our actions

We contribute to the sustainable development of our territory and guide citizens towards a decarbonised economy by 2050, as envisaged by the European Green Deal. Our contribution is crucial to bring about change, but we believe that everyone can make a difference, even with simple actions in everyday life. From our daily movements to the management of our homes. 

We grow with our communities

We move in a sustainable way on the territory

We contribute to a sustainable and efficient home

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Our green fleet

2019 and 2020 saw Italgas implement a major renewal project of the whole of its vehicle fleet throughout national territory.
Though fuel energy consumption for vehicles recorded an increase of 14.2 TJ (+11.5% compared to 2020), in 2021 as a whole, 13.1% more kilometres were travelled than the previous financial year, equal to around 42.8 million kilometres, of which over 35 million were made by operations vehicles. This type of vehicle is characterised by the virtual total presence of a bifuel system (methane-petrol) that significantly reduces CO2 and PM emissions released into the atmosphere, as compared with the use of purely petrol or diesel engines.

What is the role of natural gas in the energy future?

Methane gas is an environmentally friendly, safe, practical and economical fuel. But in the energy transition path in which we are all players, it will evolve to accompany us towards the use of sustainable energy sources.

Natural gas is an energy an energy resource that contributes to the development of increasingly sustainable and efficient housing, generating value in terms of energy savings and sustainable development.

Did you know that…..?

Natural gas has a low environmental impact.
Of all the fossil fuels, natural gas has the least environmental impact.

Natural gas is cheap.
The direct use of gas is less expensive than the use of electricity, both because of its availability and ease of transport.

Natural gas is flexible and indispensable for the future energy balance.
The demand for energy varies continuously over time, but natural gas has the flexibility to respond to different needs. The gas can be extracted and stored so that it can be used in response to peak demand. And contribute to the energy balance that renewables cannot provide.

Reporting Hub

We report and communicate our sustainability impacts in accordance with GRI standards.

The advantages of choosing gas

Gas has a low environmental impact, is cheap, flexible and indispensable for the energy of the future.

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