Geographical presence

Key figures and geographical presence

Key figures and geographical presence

We are present in Italy and Greece; the map below illustrates our regional presence.

Italgas operates across all the national territory and has committed to develop a network in the areas that do not have methane gas, intervening especially in the southern part of Italy, such as Sicilia, Campania and Calabria.

Furthermore, through our Strategic Plan 2023-2029, EUR 2.9 billion is allocated for the continuation of repurposing, development, and improvement activities of existing infrastructure. Of this, approximately 170 million euros are allocated for the completion of the natural gas conversion process in Sardinia, which includes the construction of the last “native digital” networks and the conversion of networks currently supplied with propane and LPG to natural gas.

Following the acquisition of DEPA Infrasctructure Group finalised in late 2022, we are also present in Greece in the gas distribution sector. Our Strategic Plan allocates EUR 0.9 billion to the development of the Greek network, supporting the extension of the network and its digital transformation.

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