Our role in the gas world

We bring gas to your home and where it is not yet there, measure consumption and communicate with sales companies. We monitor the network to ensure that it is always secure and intervene in emergencies. We are always there, even when you don’t see us.

What we do at Italgas: we distribute gas, we don’t sell it

Our main task is to make sure that the gas reaches your home and that it is distributed safely and efficiently, including through constant dialogue with the companies that sell it.

We distribute gas locally, from what is called the PdC (or delivery point) , which indicates the geographical point where the medium-pressure distribution network is joined with the high-pressure network, to your home where there is the PdR (redelivery point). We are responsible for your meter and the measurement of your consumption through the gas reading. This does not mean that we send you the bill, because this service is provided by the sales company with which you have signed a gas supply contract, but through the management of the digital meter (smart meter) we give you the possibility to keep an eye on how much you consume.

In summary, we can say that we are responsible for some activities related to the gas service. These are.

Meter operation

Responsibility on reading, malfunction, breakage, display.

Information security

Inspection of tens of thousands of kilometres of network with traditional and digital equipment.

Improving the service

Controllo costante sulla rete e contatori per garantire flusso ininterrotto del gas.

Plant management (external)

Technical management of the gas distribution system.

Our aim is to take delivery of the gas from the transporter and bring it to Italian households and businesses in a continuous and safe manner.

Learn more about Italgas

How it envisions the network of the future and the regulated gas sector.

What is the difference between us at Italgas and the sales companies?

The first thing to know about the world of gas for consumers like you is the difference between the distribution and sale of this natural element, which is as precious as it is obvious. After the liberalisation of the market, in fact, the two activities were separated: we, as Italgas, deal with the physical distribution of gas in the network and the management of the distribution plant; the sales companies, as the label also says, sell the gas. Natural gas consumers are already today free to choose their supplier on the free market. Dialogue between Italgas and the sales companies is constant because even though they are different activities, they are closely linked, particularly in terms of reading consumption. This is always done by us, who then communicate the data to the supplier for invoicing.

MyItalgas manage your utilities

The online portal for independent requests, quotes and meter reading.

MyItalgas is the online portal dedicated to those who want to request an estimate for a new system and to customers who already have an active gas supply and want to manage their utilities. From managing pdr, to requesting quotations, but also to finding all information and having general support and monitoring of the various requests on gas supply. In order to register, all you have to do is indicate the type of user and some personal data, choose your username and password and in a few steps you can create your account.

Register or log in to MyItalgas

With a few clicks you have everything at your fingertips.


Click to gas

The new digital quote from Italgas! Don’t you know him?

The advantages of registering and using the MyItalgas portal

What can you do by accessing the online portal?

The information requested

You can monitor the progress of your gas supply practices or requests.


You can find all the PdRs (redelivery points) associated with your tax code or VAT number.


You can keep track of your consumption and view previous readings. You can also upload a photo of the meter to check its functioning.


You can ask for a quote for a new installation or modification of an existing one, or for its removal.


By clicking on the topic you are interested in or using the search function you can find the information you need.

Meter replacement

You can view or edit the date and time slot for the appointment and enter useful notes.

New connections

Do you need a new installation and do you not yet have an active gas supply?
You have to request a quote from us or directly from the sales company of your choice that will supply the gas.
If you want to ask us, register and access MyItalgas and follow the steps in the “estimates” section.

Do you smell gas?
Do you have an emergency?

  • If you smell gas and you don’t know where it is coming from. 
  • If there is no gas or you see irregularities. 
  • If you notice a gas leak or a pipe is broken. 
  • If the meter is broken. 
Call the Emergency Service
800 900 999 
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Do you have further questions?

We are at your side even if it is not an emergency. Here you can find answers to your questions about various types of quotes, meter requests, or even how to apply for a new connection.

Gas vocabulary

We know that some technical terms are not always clear to the uninitiated. A small vocabulary can always be useful to clarify certain concepts.

The Redelivery Point is a 14-number code shown on your bill, which is needed to do any operation connected to your gas supply.

Identify the distributor in your area and the location of the meter (Four digits of the code identify the gas distribution company, while the other 10 are the user code). It is also a useful number when you do not know who your gas supplier is and want to know. When changing gas supplier the PDR code is not replaced.

Smart meter
These are the new digital meters through which remote reading and remote management of the meters can be done.

The smart meter allows you to perform operations such as automatic and remote meter reading to give you an easier understanding of your consumption.

Supply and connection
Italgas can only take care of the connection to the gas distribution network: if you want to connect the system without having a gas supply you can ask us directly, or to request a quote for this operation you need an active contract with a sales company

It is then the sales company you choose that will sell you the gas supply service. If you prefer, you can request the new connection directly from the sales company.

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